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Magic study ”Magic Study” is 2nd installment in ”Study” series.  I am at a complete loss here, poison study was amazing book with an engaging and unique story line but this book is slow going. Magic Study begins much the same as first book, but at some point it looses its effect. There are considerably more DOH! moments in this book, considering how often Yelena was injured, captured, and beat-to-a-pulp in this follow-up to Poison Study,

Yelena must travel to her homeland to her parents form where she’d been stolen from long ago. Considering the freedom she had been given first time in her life she should be happy, but her heart is in Ixia with Valek. Yelena’s parents are very happy to see her but everyone is not happy. Her brother wold love to see her dead and there are some powerful rivals than she imagined. But she has her old friends to fight her new enemies.

I know sequels are supposed to suck compared to the first book in a series but still I get disappointed every time. My rating: 3 out of 5. More like 2.5 stars actually, but I am being extremely generous in the memory of “Poison Study.”