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There are two books in my incomplete list.  I keep saying I will read later, but always end up keeping it aside.

  • The whispering road by Livi Michael

This is  a story about brother and sister, who are escaping from where they were treated as servants. I always end up reading til they escape and meet crazy people in some place. I read twice til there  (almost half of the story). I have no idea how and why I cant read this book. I don’t find it that interesting but it not that boring too.

  • The Golden by Lucius Shepard   

This is about some ancient vampire and their life style and rule. I read few pages and felt it very difficult to understand. Kept trying for 4-5 times but still couldn’t read it.

Hope to read this two books soon. May be once I finish my books in ‘yet to read list’. Tel me about your incomplete books   if you have any 🙂