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I didn’t read any of Sarah Dessen’s books, so this is the first book I  have read. Its little different kind of story about family. When Ruby’s depressed and alcoholic mother abandons her, Ruby thinks that she can do just fine on her own. But when things start breaking  she is sent to live with the older sister she hasn’t seen in ten years. Cora  left Ruby and their mother behind when she left for college, or just that’s what Ruby thinks. Now Ruby is living with Cora and Cora’s husband, Jamie, in their big house and their neighbor, Nate, is trying to be her friend. But she thinks all these as temporary and she just wants to go away from there. What happens to Ruby? Where is her mother? Why exactly Cora stopped keeping in touch with her?

Jamie is so sweet and kind. I wished to have a  family member like him. Roscoe is cute dog who will make you laugh by his actions. I don’t know about other books but this one didn’t impress me much. But I like the writing style and I will surely pick some more Sarah Dessen’s books.