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the-virgin-suicidesI wanted to read this book only because of it’s title. It looked like a mystery or suspense to me. But I truly admit that I simply didn’t get this book. I mean it is a fine story but there is no true STORY in that story! I was so desperate to find hidden meaning in it, but there was nothing. I was waiting for something to indicate or someone to tell what is it, till the very last page I didn’t see it.The one thing that really got my attention was the first person plural narrative. A few men, now in their thirties, narrate the story that marked their adolescence and entire life so far: the suicide of the 5 mysterious Lisbon sisters by interviewing people who knew and saw them.

Suicide is not the happiest topic for anybody to like it.Suicides of 5 sisters is not at all pleasant.It’s the story of 5 sisters narrated by neighborhood boys who loved them and worshiped their beauty.First suicide was committed by Cecelia,the youngest sister.After that nothing much happens in their family, remaining 4 sisters were always found in their own group with out mingling with others.Then one day they all commit suicide.Many say they were stressed, psychiatric behavior after their sister’s suicide. But nobody knows what was the reason.

I blame the parents here for not allowing them to socialize and live like normal teenager, I see them always poking their nose in everything and grounding them in house. I admire author’s writing style but I am not happy with the story line and ending. Story starts with the topic of 5 sisters suicide and ends with the same. What more I can say about it. I have heard a lot about ”Middlesex” by the same author, so planning to read that someday.