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Kiss and Tell ”Kiss and Tell” is an attractive name for a novel. Anyone can guess what is it about. Romance, kiss, love that’s what crossed my mind when I took this for reading. Any romantic novel will have the same plot, a tall, sexy man falls for young attractive lady,with little romance and emotion story will end. But ”Kiss and Tell” is different, here politics is mixed in the story to give unexpected twists.

Janaki is a strong character, that’s what sets the book apart from other love stories. This brandy-eyed political correspondent for the ‘Indian Mail’ lives alone. Her carrier is full of adventures, she is ready to take even risky assignments. She’s been hanging in her relationship with the infantile Saurabh, who has a penchant for pot and is irresponsible. But everything changes when she meets Vishnu Singh in Chennai,the blue eyed bureaucrat for an assignment. Janaki can’t take her eyes off this man’s dimpled face and he can’t take eyes off her. When Janaki initiates kissing they can’t stop it. The affair blossoms once Vishnu’s new job as private secretary to commerce minister Purushottamam brings him to Delhi. In between their love making sessions she is busy flirting with a politician Uday Pratap Singh, who gives her some documents related to scam by Vishnu’s boss. But Vishnu keeps meeting his ex girl friend who is married and has troubles in her life, that’s what made Janaki to flirt with this Uday Pratap Singh, as a revenge on Vishnu.What will happen when Janaki brings Vishnu’s boss’s scam to light? Will he loose his job and break up with her? Who is this Uday Pratap Singh between Vishnu and Janaki? What will happen to her ex boy friend?

A lovely tale of politics, love and desires, it’s a good time pass read if you are in a mood to read something new.