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I haven’t finished even a single book which I bought recently! ”The secret of little bees”, ”Riptide” and ”Disco Daddy” are lying in my shelf. I think I have to forget about reading old books from my shelf  soon( ”One day”, ”The House” and ” After the Party”) I bought 2 more books now to add to my collection, ”The Help” and ”Before I Go To Sleep”. I am super exited,I have heard a lot about this 2 books.

That is my recent purchase, love forever teddies 🙂 I always love the smell of book it is warm and reminds me so many things. I am looking forward to read these books soon. As now I own kindle I am busy reading books in it but I cant forget the pleasure of smelling a new book.

Always I like to celebrate my birthday like a big event. I get exited about that before a month 🙂  It is so good to get many calls from family and friends,this year was no different. I started getting my gifts a week before! I got 2 dresses from my husband. It is the usual gift I get from my mom but as I was away from her this time I really missed my mom and dad. But I was happy to get call from them 🙂 Okay now I don’t want to drag anymore details because my birthday was  a week back that is 7th of June and I am sure people will get bored if I write about everything here.

I GOT AMAZON KINDLE FIRE…… WOOOOOO hoooooooooo  Yeaaaaay! I know I was thinking of buying this from a long time. But I got this from my husband as a birthday gift 🙂 😉 I can’t say how exited I am! I don’t think anything can be a better gift than that especially to me! (Everyone knows what a big book worm I am)

Kindle birthday gift

This is my new kindle with my lovely doll. I liked him when I first saw him in one of the malls here and for my surprise after a month my husband gave it to me as birthday gift. I like double colored hearts all over his body, he is cute isn’t he?

Now I can read e books on kindle. I already started reading The walking dead Comic series on kindle. But in Middle East I can’t get any free books available on amazon.  Many authors made it unavailable in certain countries. As I am not from here( I know that we are not going to settle here) I can always download free books in future 🙂

Kindle fever!

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Random
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As other book lovers I spend a lot of time reading about new books, and book reviews online. I found a  lot of people using kindle, as it is easy to carry everywhere and has wonderful storage capacity.

I have read so many ‘E books’ online or in pdf format too. Recently I have 15 e books with me ( as it is easy to read in office, while your boss is around 🙂 ) I am fascinated towards the new wireless device which is available for very attractive price. But I still agree that nothing is better than reading a  ”real” book. Reading your favorite book, sipping on strong coffee is heavenly feeling. Nothing better than reading a book  cuddling inside a blanket while its raining out side.

May be I will buy a kindle someday.  May be kindle readers can shed some light on whether or not this concept  works.

So book lovers what do you think about this? What do you prefer? Real books or E books?