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A Beuatiful Evil ‘A Beautiful Evil’ is second book in Gods and Monsters series. I read the first installment in the Gods & Monsters trilogy recently and fell in love with it. I was blown away with the setting as well as the mythological elements and while I did feel that a lot of that was a bit lacking compared to the first, then still it is a worthy follow up.

Athena has Ari’s father and Violet. Ari is learning how to fight Athena, all her strength and weakness. Under the threat of her Medusa curse she does not have much time to waste. Now that people are supportive of her idea she has access to ancient library. With little bit research and lot of  training she is now ready to take down Athena. But the war is not that easy as she thought. Her loved ones are at stake here, Athena is threatening to destroy her by using this weakness.

There were few things I didn’t like, for example Athena and Ari attacking and withdrawing many times. I don’t see why there should be more meetings between this two when there is not going to be any real action. And I hated Ari whining at everything like how her life was sad and how she hated the training. My rating- 3 out of 5.

Darkness becomes her”Darkness becomes her” is the first book in ”Gods and Monsters” series. It has a bit of Gothic tone and lot of Greek myths. There’s a unique setting, an eclectic cast of characters, and a surprising story that is sure to catch your attention.

The book tells the story of 17-year-old Ari, who’s always mistreated as freak and  got wrong people attracted because of her strange teal eyes and her silver hair that can never be cut or changed despite her best efforts. After growing up in the foster care system, Ari goes in search of information about her mother to a mental asylum where she finds out the secret about her curse. Even though the letter from her mother says her to run away she goes back to her birth place New 2 which is kind of infamous paranormal land. But soon she notices that people are afraid of her, she won’t stop until she finds out the answer but the truth is not always peaceful.

My rating: 4 out of 5. It is an awesome book for YA paranormal fans and Greek Myth lovers. The concept is fresh and unique, I recommend this to everyone who loves a good paranormal read.