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Pushing the limitsA good girl falling in love with bad boy, by pushing all the limits. Sounds familiar, but ”Pushing the Limits” by Katie McGarry is familiar but in a different way. It is a heart wrenching young adult romance, where common issues faced by young adults are high lighted. From the beginning I knew, I am going to like it!

Title is very appropriate for the story! Echo Emerson, ex popular girl, and current freak of the school wants her normal life back. She could have got it back but she can’t because she doesn’t remember what happened that day when she got freaky scars on her arms which made her unpopular. She doesn’t remember why her own mother tried to harm her. But doors to her secrets open when she meets Noah Hutchins who sees the same counselor  as hers to solve his own personal issues. They plan to find out simple solution for their problem, and the solution is stealing their  case file from the counselor’s office. Will Echo get that day’s memory back? What Noah’s problems are? Will they fall in love while helping each other?

A bittersweet emotional story, my ratings are 4 out of 5. I recommend this book to YA fans.