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I Love “Mowgli”, in my childhood days I was keen of watching Jungle book cartoon series which was coming on DD national Chanel on Sunday morning ( somewhere around 9-10, I dont remember exactly 😦 ) I liked every character in Jungle book and never missed one episode.

Jungle Book meant Mowgli to me and  I was not aware that there are other stories too. I liked the Hindi version of Mowgli title song it goes like this- Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai… Chaddi pahan ke phool khila hai.

The Jungle Book review:

 I hadn’t realized until now that The Jungle Book is actually a number of short stories and songs or verses. When I was young, I expected the whole book to be about Mowgli. But when I read now surprisingly I found myself not disappointed because I knew its not only about Mowgli. I enjoyed other stories as mush as I enjoyed Mowgli’s story. Its a children’s book but I would not say its only for Children because It is a book that will appeal to and entertain children but it has the most beautiful language and invention to satisfy reader without age difference. The songs are well rhymed and meaningful.

There are stories of white seal, Mongoose, Elephants and other animals. What I liked the most is there is a good concept behind every stories. I would not call it as a moral, but its good concept. I liked the way author described the monkeys, the bhandar log kidnapping Mowgli and their lost mind that they cant concentrate on a single thing for too long. White seal story is very interesting. I recommend this book, its good to step into the chidhood memories once in a while! I am planning to read “The Second Jungle Book” soon.