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Archie comic series are my favorite comics. I was so crazy about reading these books(now also I read it but not often). I like all characters, the way they are, their lifestyle and way of thinking.

Archie Andrews is a handsome carefree guy, a good flirt, a typical teenage boy. I like Betty Cooper a lot She is kind hearted girl. I always wanted Archie to love Betty but some how he ends up with Veronica, a rich girl. Other characters like Jughead, Moose, Reggie, Dilton are wonderful too.

This is not only entertainment provider but also teaches good values to the teenagers. Characters of this comics  are always against alcohol and drugs.

(I don’t own any of these photos)

There is a garage band called  The Archie’s founded by Archie Andrews, Reggie, Mantle, and Jughead Jones all teen frictional characters of the Archie comic series. Here is my favorite song from this band.