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Beautiful DisasterBeautiful disaster is a well written novel, while some sites do refer to this title as a young adult novel, McGuire clearly states that it’s a contemporary romance for audiences 17+ years and older. I understood the reason after reading the book.

Abby is trying to run from her past, where she was known to everyone. She came to a new place for start over with her best friend America.Where she meets this bad boy character Travis, the very character she avoided to include in her future.  Travis’ cousin, Shepley, is dating Abby’s best friend America. Once they meet it is obvious that they like each other but because of Travis’ reputation Abby is obviously guarded around him and the whole ‘bad boy’ thing is exactly what she does not want to get into.But when they became friends they could’t stay away from each other. Even though they kept calling it friendship there was always confusion and possessiveness in their relationship. Travis is a fighter in fight club which very well suits to his bad boy character. Travis finds Abby special but can he keep up to her when he is a play boy and already slept with most of the girls from school? Will Abby accept something which she was really running from? What will happen to their relationship?

Travis is the sexiest, bad boy happens to totally messed up in his life. He is crazy hot, womanizer that makes him the person every girl will probably will stay away from and dislike. But when I read the book I had the opposite effect 🙂

It is a wonderful story, you may think you already know this story but believe me its different than what you read till now. I saw most of them in goodreads rating this book 5 out of 5 so I wanted to read it and see it myself. My ratings are 3 out of 5.