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What if if you are young forever?  sounds like a line from song isn’t it? After certain age, again you will turn into a baby and start over again? I know its creepy!! Forever young is a different kind of paranormal suspense novel available online which I read last year. The concept is new and makes it unique. Another novel worth reading.

Story starts with an young girl waking up on an island  called “Eternity”without knowing where is she and who is she? The island is filled with a lot of children and few countable adults who take care of these children. They dont have TV ot magazines or good clothes. Creativity is punished there and nobody is allowed to ask questions. But Samantha Young (I know the name brings the sarcasm, you will know it if you read the story) remembers some things from her past and she keeps asking doubts and getting punished for that. One day she finds out the ultimate secret of the place and the people. What is the secret? Who are these people? to find out this you will have to read it.

Concept is very new and interesting but the ending was kind of messed up. But a good time pass read. If you want to try some suspense here is the link to read book-