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4450057Assassin Study is a quick novella, following Poison Study,  to give a brief link to the Magic Study. I loved the first book. Poison Study in the Study series. I usually don’t like to read mini sequels following the main novel, because I find them unnecessary and useless.

As everyone is busy cleaning up the mess after  Brazell and Mogkan, Valek discovers that an assassin has gone to hunt down Yelena as she travels to her ancestral homeland. Valek rushes to Sitia to intercept the assassin and rescue his love. Will Valek survive in Magic land of Sitia?  Who is this assassin trying to kill Yelena?

Its a quick read of around 15 pages. My rating: 2 out of 5.  There is not much of a story here, so you won’t miss much if you skip it. 

LeahThere are many good books available online by authors for free. Leah is one of such free books, I read it 2 years back. I almost forgot about this book, it is a good  and simple young adult story about a teenage girl called Leah.

 Leah is a fourteen-year-old girl who doesn’t quite know how to deal with the social aspect of the world. She is very shy, it is not natural, she is extremely shy. Her social life is very week and because of that even her personal life is getting effected. She is not like other teenage girls, who likes shopping, outing and dating. She doesn’t have any friends and spends most of her time reading books. Her parents try to get her out of her shell but fails to do so, even casually talking to people is not easy for Leah. She has a secret crush on David Parks, a guy from her history class. Leah is tongue-tied around him but she likes him deeply. Will she come out of her shyness to talk to this guy? Why is she so shy? What will happen with Leah? You will have to read and see that! because if you are thinking that you know the ending you are wrong 🙂

I felt very bad for Leah. Have you ever been in a situation in which you have been uncomfortable and felt that some task is impossible whatever you do, just because you are too shy to do that? First I felt it very weird because a person feeling shy to talk even in school that is something strange, but later I understood the problem. Yes some people really have that problem!

It's all relativeI am a big fan of S C Stephens writing. I have read Conversion series ( Conversion, Bloodlines and Till death) a wonderful  series of vampire novels and Thoughtless a YA novel by this author. I fell in love with Conversion series, I read these books in Feedbooks for free, but now I think these books are not available for free, you can find only the sample. But fortunately ”It’s All Relative” is free.

”It’s all relative” is a simple story but with lot of complicated emotions. Jessie after being cheated by her boy friend wants  to go to a bar and get drunk with her friends and  for the first time in her life she wants to have a one night stand with a cute guy,  Kai  is a new comer to the city and he can’t take his eyes off from Jessie who is totally drunk. Jessie falls for his tropical blue-green eyes and completely gives herself to this handsome stranger but then they found out how complete they are together and how perfect they are together.This is simple isn’t it? It could have been simple if they didn’t find out that they are related! yes, they are cousins. How gross! but even though they try to keep their distance they fail and fall in love with each other. But sometimes fate can bring you together and miracles may happen.

It is bit slow moving story but found it interesting and predictable too. A good time pass read. If you are in a mood to read some romance go for it. As it is available free on feedbooks here is the link to download it.

What if if you are young forever?  sounds like a line from song isn’t it? After certain age, again you will turn into a baby and start over again? I know its creepy!! Forever young is a different kind of paranormal suspense novel available online which I read last year. The concept is new and makes it unique. Another novel worth reading.

Story starts with an young girl waking up on an island  called “Eternity”without knowing where is she and who is she? The island is filled with a lot of children and few countable adults who take care of these children. They dont have TV ot magazines or good clothes. Creativity is punished there and nobody is allowed to ask questions. But Samantha Young (I know the name brings the sarcasm, you will know it if you read the story) remembers some things from her past and she keeps asking doubts and getting punished for that. One day she finds out the ultimate secret of the place and the people. What is the secret? Who are these people? to find out this you will have to read it.

Concept is very new and interesting but the ending was kind of messed up. But a good time pass read. If you want to try some suspense here is the link to read book-

This is a sequel to Scary Mary. I should say that this is better than the first one. The characters seemed improved and confident. This book has more adventures of Mary and more ghosts are appearing in front of her. More than anything here she is going to save her enemy Vicky, who is in comma but still Mary can hear her talking to her and she feel that Vicky is struggling and asking Mary to help her. Will  she save Vicky? for knowing Mary’s adventures you should read the book “Stalking Shadows”.

You can read the book here-

Before I begin with the post I want to tell why I am posting this instead of posting reviews on books. Answer is simple I didn’t read any book this week 🙂 I am stuck with “Nights in rodanthe” ( as usual no time to read in office because I recently got caught while reading 😦 ) and My sister’s keeper which I am managing to read whenever I get time.

This post is about free e books. I have seen many people downloading the e book in different format from sites which give it for free of cost.  E books are always available at low price compared to hard books.  There is another category known as online novels, which are given by authors to readers in free of cost (like “The Lycan series’’ by Nicky Charles on feed books). That is really good becuase books are available with authors permission.  But some e books are available for free without author’s permission.

Authors deserve to make money from book. Anyone that makes a copy of the book and puts it online or emails it to others is doing a mistake. Not only authors, but many artists like musicians, script writers and film makers are facing the same problem. There are lot of ways to copy the original stuff and give it for free online.

But a coin has two sides. Same way there are people I have seen buying books after reading the e copy of it. They say that its good to read it first then buy it. They say they can read books from new authors and then buy it rather than buyin it first and then keep it aside without reading. May be this free e books will help them.

Finally I got to read this book. Its a sequel of “Conversion” and”Bloodlines”, vampire romance. I finished these tow books long back and was waiting to read the last part “Til Death”. I have already mentioned in my previous post that I read it this year January and since then was waiting for this. I hardly took a week time to finish this book in between my office timings 🙂

I love all three books.I didn’t want it to end, but unfortunately this is the last part. Emma was so happy with her life. Two kids, a vampire husband and family, being a partial vampire she was taking medication to stop from dying and turning into a complete vampire. A content life with a desired job and happy family. Suddenly everything changes and she is forced to stop medication and something she really loved and wanted to be near is taken away. Will she be able to bare the death? What will happen to the one who is taken away from her? Will she get what she wanted back?

An amazing story of love, power and desire for money. Excellent work by author. Another heart touching wonderful vampire novel. I just loved the way author described about Emma’s kids they are such sweet angels. The love between Emma and Teren is something beyond death. Even death can not separate them but  helped to get them closer.

I am so glad that this book is available online. Its free online novel. So enjoy reading 🙂

Link to download is:

Its another young adult novel I read  it online 6 months back.I was little attracted to the title, I thought its a novel about frustrations and problems of young adults. But on reading I found this book is very humorous and fun filled story of a teenage girl.

Story is about a teenager, Kate  who is always blamed and compared with her Miss PERFECT sister who is elder to her  and good at everything. Her best friend is a boy and lives next door he is so hot and popular she cant even judge  if she loves him or not but she surely knows that she hates him. Finally a day comes where she have to fit in to the drama role which her sister was doing earlier. Can Kate do this role? Will she ever judge what is she want with her next door best friend?

After all this I am sure you will be eager to read this novel to know what are those 16 reasons in Kate’s life  which she calls as reasons why her life sucks. Its a free online novel! Enjoy reading 🙂

Hope you enjoy this book.