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Nobody wants to look fat. Every woman dreams about getting a slim figure so that she can wear what she wants. Woman follow diet rules for getting the desired body. Can’t die for size zero is a hilarious, fun filled novel which describes the trouble of a working class lady, Joyeeta Naik who finds it hard not to eat or follow diet. She has got taste buds for real food.

The real struggle starts when she fails to find the fashionable dress for herself. All fashionable  dress are made for slim ladies when she finds out that  she wants to find the solution for that and put an end to the humiliation and trouble the fat ladies go through. Will she succeed in that? Will she get love of her life?. Author described that the” Huge people have huge heart” in a wonderful way.

Author has described different variety of food through out the story, which will keep your mouth watering. A very good story, both food for body and soul.