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544891Beastly is a fairytale retold. I have seen trailers of the movie adaption of this novel by the same name, which is similar to old ”Beauty and the Beast” concept. I was beginning to wonder if I didn’t like fairy tale re-telling, but I enjoyed reading this book.

Our Beast here is Kyle, a very handsome and rich high schooler, who always puts beauty and money over everything. One day he messes up with a goth looking chick and pays for it. This goth looking girl is a witch and she changes him into beast. Lindy is a poor girl from same school who always liked Kyle. She has got financial problems because of drug addict dad. One day her dad gets himself in a mess and Kyles dad helps him out of it, but in returns he wants Lindy to take care of his son who is bit  different than others. This way Lindy reaches Kyles house holed up somewhere away. Kyle is not supposed reveal his identity, only his true loves kiss can save him. I think there is nothing to review much about this book as this story is familiar to everyone.

It is well written book, my rating- 3 out of 5. A quick and good read.

howlsmovingcastleI love stories where magic is involved, like ”Harry Potter series” and  ”Chronicles of Narnia”. For some reason I have been reading a lot of good books lately, & I am happy that I found this book to read.

Howl’s Moving Castle is one of those books, that I wish I would have written it! Sophie Hatter lives with her step mother, step sister and a sister, being eldest sister she thinks that her fortune is not going to be good. She’s a young woman living in a world where fairy tales and magic are a part of everyday life. People are scared of Howl the wizard and witch of Waste. Because Howl eats young girl’s hearts and witch of Waste is dangerous. Due to some unexpected twists Sophie gets under Withe’s spell and she is not young anymore, she is old. Worst part of the spell is that she can’t tell to anyone that she is enchanted. Now Sophie,old and tiered wants to find a place to stay away from everyone, but she ends up getting into Howl’s moving castle. It is wonderful tale of Magic and love.I don’t know how to write more that that.

After reading the book, I watched animated movie by the same name: Howl’s moving castle. Movie was good, but I liked the book more.  You will travel to magic world while reading about  floating castle, talking fires, bouncing scarecrows, and amazing spells.By the way Howl is my favorite character apart from Sophie, oh my god! I like Michael too 🙂  My ratings are 4 out of 5.

 Did you ever imagine that the obedience is biggest curse? Imagine a life where you can’t say ”No”, and you will be obedient to everyone whether you want it or not.  Yes! Its horrible! Ella was gifted with obedience at her birth by a fairy. When people find out about the curse, they quickly learn to use it to their advantage. Obedience means, of course, that Ella must do whatever she is told, as long as it is issued as a command – not doing so causes physical hurting.

A journey to find Lucinda, the fairy who cursed her, leads to adventures , and finally the remarriage of her father puts Ella into the Cinderella story, as Ella becomes the unwilling servant of her stepmother and stepsisters because of so called ”Gift of obedience” by fairy.  Prince Char is in love with Ell but she cant marry him.There is a fairy god mother for Ella, who is that? How can she break the curse on her? Will she marry Prince Char?

I found this story interesting because it was brilliant way of telling fairy tale according to this generation style. I liked all the mythical creatures in the story and concept of different tongues. Over all its a enjoyable story. I am going to watch the movie”Ella Enchanted” based on this novel soon.