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fifty shades greyI really don’t know how to write something bad about a book. I never wrote till now! I am very choosy in reading even though I like to explore different writing style. But when I took up this book to read I was expecting a lot, No 1 New York Time Best seller! Wow I wonder how.

First of all these type of books are not my choice. I have never read a complete erotica book. Through out first few chapters it was going real good, college student Anastasia who never had sex in her life, meets Drop dead gorgeous, handsome and rich Christian Grey who falls for Anastasia but never loves her! Anastasia loves him deeply and  wants to get the same treatment from him. How she tries to change him is the story through out the book.

Facts I didn’t like:

  1. Male character is rich and handsome, thats normal. But he has a big business at the age of 26 and he is a trained pilot and worked for four years in that field, but never works. He is always busy sleeping with the heroine or e mailing her or messaging her. And he reaches wherever she goes and he is good at stalking and finding out where she is ( that is like real creepy! imagine your lover following wherever you go)
  2. Anastasia blushes and chews her lips through out the book, if you take out those parts from the book then book will come down to half of what it was before.
  3. Those rules and regulations given by Christian to Anastasia is so boring and long.
  4. There is no love between them, and Anastasia agrees to sleep with him whenever he wants and takes all his gifts. When there is no love, I don’t see any self respect in her.

Fact I liked: Anastasia loves him deeply and tries to understand his situation and keeps trying to change him.

There are two more books, its a trilogy. First book  ended without giving a hint about what happens next or what happened in Christian’s past. I skipped so many pages, and finally finished this because I just wanted it to end.  I wanted to see what made people to think so good about this book. I never found the male character hot or lovable why would anyone admire him? He is crazy, abusive, disrespectful of women, a control freak, and a stalker, but I felt pity for female character. This is a fan fiction of  ”Twilight Saga” only names are changed but I don’t see any other similarity. Instead of ” The book everyone is talking about” it should be ” The book everyone finding difficulty to finish”.