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The alchemist”When a person really desires something, all the universe comprises to help that person to realize his dream”

I just loved that line, it’s one of my favorite lines form the book.  How true and meaningful! I always thought that when you want something very badly, always miracles happens to provide you with what you wanted. Now I know how it works!

This book is more than wonderful, it changes the readers lives by filling inspiration to work towards destiny. It’s great work of fiction, but very familiar to what we go through in our daily lives. Omens, signs, universal language is what we know but fail to understand. This is a story of a boy named Santiago, a shepherd who tries to follow his dreams in search of treasure.His journey  from Spain to Pyramids of Egyptian dessert teaches him how to understand the language of universal soul. When he meets the alchemist everything becomes clear. What is his dream? How is he going to chase his dreams?  What are the lessons learned? What is the final outcome of his travelling? One have to read this book to learn answers to all these questions.  According to me it’s a must read book for real book lovers.

I encountered many things which I already believed and followed at one point of my life time, like a proverb used by the alchemist- ”Every thing that happens once can never happen again. But every thing that happens twice will surely happen a third time”. In my childhood I always heard elders saying this proverb and making me pretend to fall once again if I have already fallen that day twice, just to make sure that I wont fall third time seriously and injure myself 🙂

Somehow I correlated lot of things in this book with normal person’s life. This is a wonderful fiction novel. I would give this book all 5 stars.