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Picture PerfectI had high expectations for this book, having heard great things about the author. I read  ”My sister’s keeper” from the same author and liked it.

This story starts when Cassie wakes up on one of the cemetery, forgetting completely about her past. Will a  police officer finds her (Will is a white Lakota Indian) and takes her home with him and helps her to find her past by advertising in paper about her amnesia. Cassie is completely shocked when famous Hollywood actor Alex Rivers comes to take her home claiming her as his wife. As her memory starts to recover, Cassie begins to remember things about herself, her marriage to Alex and also why she ran away in the first place.

 The theme of domestic violence is a prominent issue in the book. It is an interesting  read but I won’t agree with the behavior of female character.  It is like she is hanging with problematic marriage suffering with her abusive husband after all what he did to her, still she thinks that she can change him! Ending was dramatic, I felt she could have taken that decision years back. Over all  it is a good read.