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Diana Palmer’s stories has links to her previous novels, because its all about ”Cow boys” from Jacobsville Texas and poor, young girls falling in love with them. But always story has different twists and people involved. I read only two novels ( including Winter Roses)  in ”Long, Tall Texans” series.

Winter Roses is same story between Texan Cow boy Stuart York and poor, young Ivy. Both hate each other or at least thats what they think. Ivy is independent, confident girl who wants to stand on her own legs without anybody’s financial support and Stuart is rich, tough guy. Ivy is best friend of Merrie , Stuarts sister. Rachel is  Ivy’s only  living relative and she hates her and spreads bad rumors  about Ivy and deals with drugs. What happens to Ivy? Will she be able to take care of herself? How can she avoid someone whom she adores? What is with Rachel and Ivy? What is behind this all hatred?

 So many characters in between and I kept forgetting who is who! This is time pass read but very predictable.

I should say that I made a brave decision by reading this book. Its not like this book is about extra dangerous adventure or horrifying. Its becuase before I  took this book for reading, I read some reviews and was in a great confusion. I read a review from a fan who read Diana Palmer’s many books and found this book tough to read. But my aim is to explore every possible thing about books and different readers, and their way of writing. “Tough to Tame” is  the first book I read from this author.

It was an easy read. Not so lengthy, more like a little expanded version of short story. Its about a girl Cappie who has bills to pay, a brother who cant walk due to a bomb blast, a job at veterinary hospital as vet technician. Her ex boyfriend is in jail  who  is waiting to take revenge on her. In between all these difficulties she falls in love with her boss who is very tough and women hater sort of guy. What will happen to her brother? Will her ex boy friend take revenge on her once he is out of the jail? Will she get her love?

Everyone feels that the author always writes about a tough guy, who is women hater and a nice, naive, virgin girl who falls in love with him, but he sends her away by being rude and hurting her, finally something will workout and they will be together. I dont know if  its true until I read some more books from this author I cant say.