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The Book of Life”The Book of Life” is the 3rd installment of ‘All Souls Trilogy’, I was waiting to read this final book from a long time. Finally when I read it I was totally shocked! What a epic let down! The discovery of witches was one of my favorite reads from 2011 and from there I kept following this trilogy. Second book was also pretty successful read for me. My expectations were sky high for the 3rd one and now I am disappointed.

After traveling through time in the second book historian and witch Diana Bishop and vampire scientist Matthew Clairmont are back to present. But this time they are not alone, Diana is pregnant with Mathew’s babies and twin miracle is on the way. But  missing pages from Ashmole 782 is still a priority, and when this couple will find out the missing pages its going to get ugly. Mathew’s blood thirsty son is hunting for Diana, no one is safe anymore.

My rating: 2 out of 5. There were so many characters and boring stuff everywhere, which was hard to follow and remember. Mathew and Diana were no more young lovers in love they were more like an old couple who over reacted to everything. Finally All souls trilogy ends here and I successfully completed another series.

Shadow of Night ”Shadow of Night” is second book in ”All Souls Trilogy” where a witch falls in love with the vampire, despite of  the ancient rule about no love between two different creatures. I read the first book ” A discovery of witches” last year and since then wanted to read the second installment in the series.

This book is hard to review because it is full of emotions and twists ( not to forget 584 pages! ) Diana Bishop a witch from noble and powerful family and Matthew Clairmont a long lived vampire who is also from a powerful family have broken the ancient law by loving each other. When accidently Diana came across a alchemy manuscript  demons, witches, vampires started coming after her and she became bound to Matthew when he tried to save her. By using Diana’s powers they both travell back in time to  London, 1590, where she meets demons, wicthes and vampires. But soon they realise that past is not safe either. But  Diana has to find a teacher who can teach her to  control her powers and save the world balance. Will she be able to find her powers? Will Matthew change as his dark side lies in past? What is the outcome of this whole journey? Now that Diana and Matthew are married is it safe for them to reveal their relationship to everyone?

It is a good read, full of twists and surprises. Here history is neatly embedded in to the story which will keep you entertained. My rating: 3 out of 5.

A Discovery of WitchesI have been hearing a lot about this book, some said they liked it and some didn’t like the idea of vampires and witches together. Even I feel that Vampires should be the symbol of horror like in Bram Stokers ”Dracula” but I liked reading Stephen Meyer’s ”Twilight series” and Christopher Moore’s vampire-comedy series. A agree that Vampires should be scary but same time I enjoy little vampire romance and humor. You have seen love between vampires and vampires, werewolves and vampires and humans and vampires. This is one step further, love story between a witch and a vampire.

Diana Bishop is a witch who is trying to hide her magic after her parents death thinking magic is the reason for their death. But nothing can be forced to hide when universe decides it to show. Exactly same thing happened with her too, when she got her hands on a manuscript called Ashmole 782 for her study purpose she experienced something strange. But next day she is horrified to see all kind of creatures wandering near the library where she got the book and returned in to. But her life takes a turn when she meets a vampire who protects her from these creatures and dangerous events started over the book. Diana realizes slowly that she is not an ordinary witch but she is a powerful witch with great powers and entire  comity of vampires, witches and demons are searching for her for breaking the law and falling in love with a vampire as well as for wanting to test her extra ordinary powers. What are the rules? What are the powers she got inside her? Who is this vampire helping her? Is he really a trustworthy? you have to read the book for the answers.

I enjoyed reading this book, but the starting was little slow but reasonable scientific reasons and interesting tale of witches and powers are really good. This is the first book I read where witches are associated.