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Power Study Power Study” is an eight chapter side story written from the perspectives of two characters from the series: Ari and Janco.This novella falls between Magic Study and Fire Study. This book was supposed to be a fun read, common you have two amazing characters here Ari and Janco, but then it failed badly. Ari and Janco kind of came across as more annoying than amusing. I don’t know why I bothered to pick this up but I regret doing that. No offense for those who find this mind blowing, fantastic and humorous read. 

Its about Ari and Janco dealing with a cocky young soldier with a Sitian magic sword. My rating: 1 out of 5. If you are already into this series you can just skip this and it won’t even make a difference.

Matagathi ”Matagathi” by Ravi Belagere is an excellent book I re- read last year. It is in Kannada language, a regional language of  Karnataka(one of the states of India). Many years back I read  it for the first time from my school library  and liked the storyline. This book is about Black Magic and fight between good and evil. You might have heard about Black magic and witchcrafts around European countries but in India it has different dimensions.  It is more horrifying and hell lot of difficult for one to achieve this power. There are cults and tribes continuing this type of culture for real, away from modern generation. I have no idea how true it is but I have read and heard a lot of things about them. This book was not listed in Goodreads, so I had to add this book there before rating. This book must be a work of fiction but the procedures,things and facts involved about black magic are for real.

Matagathi means the lady who does black magic, more or less like a witch. This is the story of a ruthless lady named Tejamma, whose hunger for more power killed a lot of innocent people and started wars between powerful people. She used everyone who helped her to climb the steps to achieve magic and killed them heartlessly. Her husband and his entire family was killed for her to gain great power. But there is only one person who can beat her down that is Agninath from a special tribe called ”Aghoras”. Its a horrifying tale of dark magic and the procedures involved to get the power is shocking. It can shake anyone who reads about black magic and steps involved to get it right.

My rating: 4 out of 5. It has a sequel named ” Sarpa Sambandha” where a lot of dark magic and snakes are involved. Not a very pleasant topic but interesting. I have already read that book, I will be reviewing it soon.