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Haunted love Short stories are not my type, its more like what my mom would love to read. I always voted for  lengthy novels when it came to reading. I recently started reading a book,  ”Red Carpet” – full of short stories but could’t read more than 2 stories. I feel that in  a short story things are always on stake and rushed manner. ”Haunted Love” is also a short story of 38 pages, very quick read. I enjoyed this story quite a bit.

Cody was orphaned at age ten and had to live with his abusive Uncle Dean. He found a way to become stronger and defend himself. Now he bought the Old Love Theater in his hometown of Spirit, Texas. Theater was closed down long back and there were rumors about wandering spirits. Cody himself was mysterious he could see a girl’s spirit. There is a new mayor in town and his sixteen year old daughter, Ginny, has forced Cody wanting to help with the theater and make some money for herself from this job like a normal teenager would do. But from there everything changes from normal to dangerous.

It was a good read, but I felt this concept would have been a great novel material as short story it was rushed a bit. My rating- 3 out of 5. People who love to read paranormal, ghost and scary short stories go for it!