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This is a nice chick flick but can call it most controversial book of the season. It was blamed that this story contains some copyright paragraphs from other book. The punishment given to this author was very strict. I had to buy a pirated copy as the originals have all been taken away from the market.

Lets not bother about the controversies. I liked the story becuase I felt the narration was so perfect. Its a story about a teenager called Opal an Indian but  living  in America. She is always into books and its her parents dream that she should get in to Harvard. She got all the abilities to get into harvard. But she doesn’t get admission because the dean says that Opal needs to get a social life like other teenagers  as Harvard does not need book addict nerds who do not know how to have a social life. That’s when the problem begins when her parents think about a crazy idea of getting her a social life.

Its a nice young adult story described in a funny and fresh way. I liked the story. What will happen to Opal’s Harvard dream? What is this crazy plan of getting social life? to find out read the book 🙂