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right-fit-wrong-shoeRight Fit Wrong Shoe by Varsha Dixit is an Indian contemporary romance. I don’t know after how many months I picked up a book from an Indian author. I bought this last year but as I was busy with my crazy project of  completing the series I didn’t get opportunity to read this. I loved the book ”Xess Baggage” by this author and was eager to explore more of her writing. As I expected this book was easy and interesting read, I read it in single sitting. The romance and the sexual tension between the main characters captured my heart.

Nandini is single and independent woman with a beautiful body and a good heart. There is nothing exciting in her life she is this average Indian lady who stays with her parents and does an average job. But she has a dark past which comes chasing her for revenge. This dark past which she is so scared of is her ex-boy friend Aditya who wants to ruin her life so badly. What is the story behind this love-hate thing? What did she do to Aditya to make him hate her? How her life will change after Aditya’s entry in her life once again?

It is totally cheesy, melodramatic Bollywood type novel. But I loved the chemistry and that little tension between Nandini and Aditya. Their chemistry was perfect, it has been ages since last time I read a novel this filmy. My rating: 4 out of 5. I am looking forward to read the sequel Wrong Means Right End.

The truth about forever

”For any one of us our forever could end in an hour, or a hundred years from now. You can never know for sure, so you’d better make every second count.”

I have been reading a lot of Sarah Dessen’s books lately. It’s like really light and refreshing summer read. Nothing makes me smile more than a coming-of-age romance, that has genuine heart and plenty of laughs and not to forget ‘Food’.

Macy has to work at boring job in the library while her boyfriend is away at a brain camp. Jason is all she has got, no friends no life apart from him. But when he is gone for summer away from her, she has to look forward to a long, hot and boring summer with out him. Her family is still silently mourning for traumatic loss of Macy’s father. When everything was going plain and slow she gets a part time job at catering service. From then her exciting summer starts. When she meets Wes, a boy with genuine heart- her world spins upside down. Slowly Macy starts to come out of her shell she starts to enjoy the simple things life offers.

Every character was wonderful especially the catering crew was amazing. I highly recommend this book to YA fans, and it is a must read for Sarah Dessen’s fans. My rating 3 out of 5. I was bit bored in the starting but rest was interesting and fast read.

Uptown GirlThis is my second book of Olivia Goldsmith. I bought this book in a second hand book sale, where I got it for 5 AED. Hard to resist such an attractive price.I really enjoyed reading this book, it has a freshness into it even though it was published in 2004.

28-year-old Kate Jameson worked hard to getaway from small town to  Manhattan. She struggled to maintain her social life by keeping sophisticated new friends away from her old neighborhood of Brooklyn. But at one point they all meet up and Kate’s life is upside down. She is happy with her job and boy friend but with the  engagement of her best friend Bina, it seems that Kate will be the only single girl left in the “posse.” But Bina’s engagement never happens as her boyfriend wants to explore the life. Now Manhattan friends and old posse combines and they all find a solution for Bina’s problem. Their solution is Billy nick named as dumping Billy, a handsome and breath taking man who dates and dumps girls but every single one of them gets married to the next guy she dates. In this Mumbo jumbo Kate is single once again. But in this circus of getting Billy to date and dump Bina, Kate falls for Billy. Now that Kate is single and she is dating dumping Billy will she  get her old boy friend back?

A funny and interesting read, I recommend this if you are a chick – women lit fan. My rating: 3 out of 5. I felt it was little slow moving as you wait for exciting tings to happen right away and it never happens. Author could have focused more on Billy’s part of story as well.

Beautiful DisasterBeautiful disaster is a well written novel, while some sites do refer to this title as a young adult novel, McGuire clearly states that it’s a contemporary romance for audiences 17+ years and older. I understood the reason after reading the book.

Abby is trying to run from her past, where she was known to everyone. She came to a new place for start over with her best friend America.Where she meets this bad boy character Travis, the very character she avoided to include in her future.  Travis’ cousin, Shepley, is dating Abby’s best friend America. Once they meet it is obvious that they like each other but because of Travis’ reputation Abby is obviously guarded around him and the whole ‘bad boy’ thing is exactly what she does not want to get into.But when they became friends they could’t stay away from each other. Even though they kept calling it friendship there was always confusion and possessiveness in their relationship. Travis is a fighter in fight club which very well suits to his bad boy character. Travis finds Abby special but can he keep up to her when he is a play boy and already slept with most of the girls from school? Will Abby accept something which she was really running from? What will happen to their relationship?

Travis is the sexiest, bad boy happens to totally messed up in his life. He is crazy hot, womanizer that makes him the person every girl will probably will stay away from and dislike. But when I read the book I had the opposite effect 🙂

It is a wonderful story, you may think you already know this story but believe me its different than what you read till now. I saw most of them in goodreads rating this book 5 out of 5 so I wanted to read it and see it myself. My ratings are 3 out of 5.

Every girl want to fall in love with Bad Boy who got a style. Bad boy is a tale between friendship and love. Tracie always has a thing for bad boys and she has a boy friend who is musician, poet and  exactly a bad boy. Jonathan is her friend who is exact opposite to bad boy,  he is a techno wizard, good to his mother and other ladies, and who haven’t had a sex in years because nobody dates him. Tracie offers him a “make over”: the clothes, moves, haircut and attitude like a bad boy. All these changes his love life around and will a good boy who respected women will turn into a bad boy? What happens to tracie ? Will friendship will turn to love?

Amazing novel by Olivia Goldsmith. A funny tale of makeover and romance. I brought this book from sale. Its good to buy a book always 🙂