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Girl in the MirrorShort stories are not my type, I always pick novels over short stories. But I am a huge fan of Cecelia Ahern’s writing so how can I not pick up her book? I must say while I enjoyed the two stories, I was left feeling unsatisfied, not because they were badly written but because the stories were so gripping I wished they were longer. More explanation could have been good. I wonder why she didn’t think about writing a novel with this material.

First story is about the girl in the mirror, it gave me creeps, I felt as if it ended abruptly. If this short story was of novel length it could have been twisted in several ways and I would have enjoyed reading a horror novel. Second story is about ‘The Memory Maker’ a man who invented a machine to hold onto his past. I didn’t understand the message at the end completely but it was a good read. I would prefer if these two stories were separate novels.

My rating: 3 out of 5. If you are a Cecelia Ahern fan or you like to read short stories then this book is recommended for you.

One hundred names ”One Hundred Names” is magical, just like all of Ahern’s books. She brings the magic to life and makes us realize the goodness in others and ourselves. I like her books, so far I have read ” P. S I love You”, ”Thanks for the Memories”, ”Love Rosie”, ”The Gift”, The Book of Tomorrow”, ”If you can see me now”, and ”The Place called Here”, all are wonderful and magical.

This story is about a journalist Kitty Logan, whose career is being destroyed by a scandal. She has lost her job in TV Chanel, has lost hopes and about to loose her mentor and guide for cancer. But when she visits her  guide in hospital she finds a ray of hope which ca bring back her normal days. She has to make a untold story which her guide always wanted to write but instead of story she receives a list of 100 names with out any contact details or any other further information.  Now that she has got the assignment officially her life depends on it. Now she has to find a way to contact this people and find out what connects them and make a story out of it.

I loved the way how the characters  were  portrayed, I recommend this book to Ahern’s fans. My rating: 3 out of 5.

Love, RosieCecelia Ahern has this great simple way of writing style but all her books are different. I have read ”P S I love you”, ”Thanks for the Memories”, ”If you could see me now”, ”The Book of Tomorrow”, ”A Place Called Here” and the ”The Gift”. I liked all becuase they are unique and fresh. You don’t find this concepts anywhere else! ”Love, Rosie is in the forms of correspondences that take place between the main characters in the story. Letters, mails, and chats gives you the complete story.

Rosie and Alex are childhood friends who grow up together but Alex has to move away to US  due to his father getting a better job offer. At 17, Rosie and Alex have just started to see each other in a more romantic light when this moving away happened. Rosie applies to a college in U S to stay closer to Alex. But before she gets into college when she was spending her few days before college life in Dublin a terrible thing happens:  she is pregnant by a boy she went out after Alex cancelled on her due to unavailability of plane tickets. Her dreams of college and Alex is shattered and now she is a single mother with no money, no education. Alex pursues a medical career and a new love in Boston but destiny is different. Because they are not yet done with each other!

My ratings: 3 out of 5. I wanted to give it 4 but then I was fed up of waiting for Alex or Rosie to tell what they really felt about each other it felt like life time to know what they really feel. It is a wonderful, heart touching story of Rosie and Alex. Again the author succeeded in  showing her magic in this book. This book is also called as ”Where the Rainbow ends” ( I came to know after reading the Love, Rosie in E book format, but  I have ” Where the rainbow ends” in hard copy 😦 I thought this two are two different books  )

The Gift”People tell stories, and it‘s up to those who listen whether to believe them or not”  Cecelia Ahern  (The gift)

Cecelia Ahern is a creative writer, one of my favorite authors. Her novels are pretty awesome.I have read many-P.S I Love You, A Place Called Here, Thanks for the memories etc. It is a Christmas novel with a message at the end.

Businessman Lou always has to be in two places at the same time. He liked only work, promotion, getting hikes in salary. He ignored his family, when they complained he thought he was working for them, whatever he is earning is for them, there is nothing to complain. He missed things like his daughter’s school play, holidays with family, spending time with his son. But one day he meets this shelter less poor man Gabe and somehow ends up getting him a mail man’s job where he works, who helps him in his ordeals by giving some special kind of pill that let him be at two places at the same time, something he wanted since always. But one fine Christmas day he comes to know the value of family but that was too late to go back and correct his mistakes.

A wonderful novel for Christmas day. with a message – Family is real treasure. I really liked it and my ratings are 4 out of 5.

The Book of TomorrowI think most people go to the bookshops and have no idea what they want to buy. Somehow, the books sit there, almost magically willing people to pick them up. The right person for the right book. It’s as though they already know whose life they need to be a part of, how they can make a difference, how they can teach a lesson, put a smile on a face at just the right time. I think about books a lot differently now” –  A dairy entry from The Book of Tomorrow

Cecelia Ahern is one of my favorite authors who never fails to entertain the readers. I just love her books, I have read ”P.S I love You”, ”If You Could See Me Now” , ”Thanks For The Memories” and ”A Place called Here” so far and liked it. She has a different writing style where she gives wings for her imaginations to fly throughout the book.

”The Book of Tomorrow” is a story of teenage girl, Tamara who is a spoiled brat. After her dad’s suicide due to bankruptcy she moves in with her  mom to aunt Rosaleen and uncle Arthur’s near a ruined castle. Accidentally she  gets a dairy which informs her about her tomorrow. Until then she never knew there was a huge secret in her past, but when she tries to follow the entries in the dairy she follows the mysterious clues to her past where there is a solution for her problems of present. Okay now I don’t want to tell the story and spoil the fun, so to find out what is it about you have to read the book.

This book is little slow moving at first but later I couldn’t put it down. In the beginning you may feel bored to read the boring statements of her life by Tamara later I am sure you will definitely feel more curious about her life. It is a good read if you are interested to believe in miracles.

If You Could See Me Now is a gentle tale,a love story with a twist. Characters in this novel are not perfect but surely will capture  reader’s heart. Elizabeth Egan, is in her mid-thirties but single because she has got baggage, which is like a barrier to get her own life. Baggage is her own memory of mother who abandoned her leaving with her dad and younger sister Saoirse who is careless and alcoholic who left her 6 year old child Luke with Elizabeth. In between all these Elizabeth kept her life neat, busy and strict without any fun and enjoyment.

When six-year-old Luke begins to hum a tune that he learned from a new playmate named Ivan, Elizabeth learns of his imaginary friend whom she cant see. Only Luke and Saoirse can see him. But when Elizabeth meets a man named Ivan her life changes completely. Who is this invisible imaginary friend Ivan? How Elizabeth’s life will change? Ivan says he is from Ekam Eveileb where is that place?

I am sure imaginary friend is kind of  unbelievable but when you are in the middle of the story everything feels so real. A romantic, slow moving story . Again wonderful novel by Cecelia Ahern  if you are ready to accept the imaginary facts.

After reading ”Thanks for the memories” and “P.S I love you” I definitely wanted to read more from this author. By looking at the title I felt its a romantic story but no, it was entirely different.

Its a story about a girl  named Sandy Shortt who started ‘Missing person’s agency’. Who is obsessed with lost things since her childhood after her neighbor and classmate disappears. Sandy struggles to cope with the concept of lost and how things can suddenly disappear. Where does things go when they disappear? She finds an answer to this question finally when she goes missing and lands up in such a place, A place called here where all the missing people are.

Imagine a land where all people who are alive and missing go, and things go! Yes its some thing similar to dream land. Where things keep appearing and people keep popping up when they went missing in “real” world. I had same thoughts when I was a kid, where things will go missing even though you keep them safe, and remember the place where you kept them. I use to loose my earrings, socks, pens and homework in my school days and kept wondering where did all things go? And even now some small things goes missing.

There is something about this book that kept me reading in spite of being a little bored in between. It was so interesting in the beginning then story was bit slow, but it gives different view about where missing things go. May be its true! 🙂

I read this book today. I started reading this book side by side with ”Nights in Rodanthe” ( I think there is no chance to finish  ”Nights in Rodanthe” soon, some how I end up reading some other novels in between 😦 )

The story line is  about Holly, a 29-year-old Irish woman, who is struggling to lead her life as Gerry, her husband dies of a brain tumor. As they joked before she gets 10 letters from him to get her through the situation she is facing, once he is gone. Its her fight to get back to her life and feel happy again. Her friends Sharon, Denise, and John are very supportive but somehow she finds it hard to move on. I liked the way how story ended, becuase I was expecting Holly to fall in love with Daniel but it didn’t go that way. I am still thinking how a mature person like Daniel can fall for drama queen Laura. But anyways its good for Holly, who deserved more.

I cried throughout the book and felt so sorry for Holly. (Please keep tissues near by when you are reading this 🙂 ) I enjoyed reading this wonderful novel. Even though i watched the movie long back and I knew the story, I enjoyed reading each and every line of this book.

I read ‘Thanks for the memories’ 4 months back when I had nothing else to read. I didn’t know this author’s writing style because I never read any of her books before. I wanted to read P.S I love you but somehow I ended up watching the movie and never got a chance to read the book. I usually read the book first then watch the movie. Now P.S I love you is in my ‘Yet to read list’. 🙂

Now coming to ‘Thanks for the memories’ I wasn’t sure how I  felt about this book in the beginning, but after the first couple  of chapters I was hooked. In the beginning I felt it boring but later it kept me on my toes.Imagine, if you got a blood transfusion and with the stranger’s blood you get his memory too. Yeah! its something unbelivable, but this is the main concept in this book. Even thogh its nowhere near to reality I liked the story. The book also highlights the  real need for people to give blood, and how it truly can save a person’s life.

Its a story with  right mix of heartache, romance and magic to keep readers hooked. Here she so realistically describes everything. Now coming to the story part Joyce Conway remembers many things which she is not sure how she knows. Justin Hitchcock is divorced, lonely and restless. He meets with an attractive doctor who forces him to donate blood. When Joyce leaves hospital after a terrible accident, with broken marriage and broken heart. Starts to live with her father, then all this memories of unknown things starts coming.  Finally she will find out -what are these  memories and belongs to whom?

Its a good novel with lots of feeling and dramatical twists. Its worth reading I would recommend this book 🙂