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abraham-lincoln-vampire-hunterAbraham Lincoln 16th president of United States, the brave fighter who fought against slavery. But he was a Vampire Hunter! The idea is interesting but the book is slow and boring. Abraham’s life was filled with disappointment and death, so his fictional secret life (killing vampires) fits strangely well with what we have historically documented. I would never read biography because I am not a fan of non fictional reading. I do well with some non fiction like reading articles, interesting topics and recipes but biography is not my reading choice. But by reading this book I almost read Abraham Lincoln’s  biography which is coated with fictional facts.

This book is a way of  retelling of Abe Lincoln’s life with the obvious addition of blood sucking undead. I like history, I always felt there is something in history which is unknown to mankind. This story is true biography ( as far as I know) and I should appreciate the author for taking this concept  that fits so well with the real story. There are lot of pictures which will add to the concept. And it has a little about his romance and first love too.

Story reveals the childhood disappointment of young Abraham as a child and his mothers supernatural death and his hatred towards Vampires. The secret his father kept so long is known to him and he wants to question the injustice of God on creating such devils to take lives of innocents. The way slaves were treated hurt his heart and the day he saw slaves were sold to Vampires he knew what he wanted to do, Freedom for everyone! After reading this book I studied a lot about Salve auctions,civil wars and Abraham Lincoln’s life and death by different sources.

The fact that Vampires feed on slaves and he fought to free them is a concept which makes you believe  that the concept is so real! But I should warn you that this book is slow going and kind of dry if you are looking for lot of adventures. I took 4 days( which is unbelieving a lot of time) to read this book. Over all its a good historic fiction with lot of information. There is a movie coming on June 22nd based on this novel, I cant wait to see how they adapted this book.  Because this book is finished kind of unfinished way.

I accidentally came across a title today(Its an old book)- Queen Victoria Demon hunter. Oh My God! Who knew this book was there 🙂 May be I should try to read, in that way I will be able to read about Queen Victoria’s  life too.