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Reading a book is not an easy task. People may think what is there in reading a book, it only needs time. No its not true! Reading is a form of  art, a passion which comes from inside. You may just read a book if you are not interested and still finish it off. But reading a book by taking it to your soul is tough. I have seen people saying,”Dude! how can you read books? Whenever I open a book I fall asleep, I cant even read a page properly”.  They think its kinda cool when they hate books. I came across many who didn’t read any book, other than their academic books. Everybody cant read books and see it close to heart. It needs lot of  things than time (a person who reads will know it)

Books  brings happiness to me, even though I read tragedy I feel joy of reading inside me (May be I am a freak 🙂 or the feeling is common among all book lovers).Its a passion just like my cooking and nail art hobbies. According to me everybody should have some or the other hobby to feel good. Every good hobby is something which is important in life.

I am  not saying everyone should turn into a book worm. What I meant is read a book and see,  its a nice feeling. Go out with a girl/ boy who read books you will know the difference. They are so lively and understanding. Not only reading try to get any good hobby which will make you happy. But still I would say – ‘Dare to read a book’!