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Bite me ”Bite Me” is the 3rd and final book in ”A Love story” series by Christopher Moore. From the first book I was hooked to this vampire love story, it is not exactly a love story, it is mixed with all feelings. You can say more than romance it is fun and humorous. “Bite Me” is action packed and filled with laughs, its 50% vampire and 50% comedy.

Good news for people who liked Abby from the second book ”You Suck”, because Abby is the one who narrated most of this story 🙂 There is a huge shaved vampire cat stalking people, with his army of vampire cats. Jody and Tommy are bronzed by Abby as she misunderstood heir concept of staying together. Plot of this story is wacky as the characters but what to say, I liked the way of writing. There is an ancient vampire army coming to take care of vampire cats, not only cats they want to erase everyone who knows more about vampires. So everyone’s life is in danger. What happens next is unexpected twist.

Abby rocks 🙂 she is the star of this book and she has got a boyfriend too! And thanks to her for a new swearword Fucksocks! It is a good time pass book, a different vampire novel. My ratings are 3 out of 5.