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If you ask me what was my recent jaw dropping moment I would say i had two recently! Yes yesterday I got Liebster Blog award by Googsy’s Photography and again I have been nominated for two more awards, The versatile blogger and Kreative Blogger award by wonderful blogger TLS.


The blogger who kindly gave me this award is :

Who has got wonderful blog called details in the fabric. Its very creative blog, she is into nail arts, photography and many more things. I like it more when she writes about her cat ‘Caspar’. A big thanks to her for passing this awards to me 🙂

According to the rules, think I will have to share few things about myself.

  • I love cats & dogs but I dont own any.
  • I like Microbiology a lot, but dont remember whatever I read about it
  • If I watch a movie I will remember the story forever
  • I am addicted to books and nail polishes

Here I would like to present this award to some bloggers who really deserves this:

Liebster Blog Award..

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Awards
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Yuppie…!!! I got nominated for Liebster Blog Award by Googsy’s Photography. Thanks a lot 🙂

Its total surprise to me. I am so exited of this becuase its my first blog award! And I got two more awards- Versatile blogger and creative blogger award from TLS ( which will be my next post ). I started blogging recently and these awards are really encouraging.

To accept this award, the recipient will:

  1. Thank the fellow blogger who nominated you.
  2. Link back to the person who awarded you.
  3. List five blogs that have affected your writing in a positive manner.
  4. Leave comments on those blogs to let them know of the nominations.
  5. Post the award on your blog.

My big thanks to Googsy’s photography who has got amazing talent in photography and the quotes along with the photos are full of meaning and inspiring. Please check this blog its worth visiting:

5 blogs which I would like to nominate this award: A different kind of blog, very creative and worth visiting.– Amazing blog. Especially I love the cat Casper who is the main attraction here.– A wonderful blog about books and reviews. It helps me to read what books I should be reading or buying. -Its a very creative blog. Its about parenting and experiences.– Great nail blog. I love the nail arts and the nail polish reviews.

It was a really tough job to decide whom to nominate. So I hope I have done it right 🙂