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It had been a busy week, new job, lots of travelling to reach office and come back home and a long ride with fun camping at Musandam Peninsula on Thursday and Friday due to Eid holidays! Didn’t get time to even touch a book 😦  But I have to review a lot of books, which are long back read and waiting to be reviewed.
Books can be disappointing.  You expect so much and when you start reading you cant wait to quit reading is what I call dissapointment in case of books. I faced it when I read Interview with the Vampire by Anna Rice.I picked this book because it is well known Vampire series and had good ratings. I was excited to see 10 books in the Vampire chronicle series, but when I finished reading the first book I was wondering what can be there in 9 more books! Slow moving stories are not my type, may be it is a good book but I found it less interesting.

It is bit hard to review because it is a  milestone in fantasy genre but development of characters are very poor. I was waiting  for something exciting to come but nothing happened till the end. There is a vampire giving an interview to a mortal “boy”, telling his life story, about his life before he turned into a vampire and after he turned into a vampire. Throughout the life he struggled to understand the meaning of  life but failed to do so till the end. You may ask me why he is giving this interview, I am clueless why this boy sat all night listening to this vampire’s boring life history! This vampire called Louis is the narrator here, he tells the boy how he was turned into a vampire  by a jerk called Lestat ( who continued to be a jerk till the end, I think the second book is about him, may be he gives his interview 🙂 ) There is a mortal child turned into vampire by Lestat and she is destined to stay young forever, this two doesn’t like Lestat ( remember he is a jerk 🙂 ) and wants to get their freedom and find more of their kind. 

This is the first vampire book I finished reading with sheer determination rather than enjoyment. I prefer romantic, kissing vampires who fall in love with human or witch, than boring, jerkfaced vampires. My rating is 1 out of 5.