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City of BonesCity of Bones is the first book in the series- ”The Mortal Instruments”. A book about paranormal things and has angel and demon concept. I liked reading this book even though I have read many negative reviews about this I just can’t hate this book. But I don’t love this book either. Its just that I enjoyed reading this book and I gave 3 out of 5 which means I liked it ūüôā

Now about the story-¬†fifteen-year-old Clary Fray can see things which others can’t see, like a murder committed in the middle of a club where 3 teenagers wit tattoos kill this silver haired guy but she can’t call police because no one can see it and the body is disappeared into thin air. This is her first meeting with Shadow hunters, with in 2 hours Clary’s life is filled with them as only they can help find her mom. Jace is this angel looking shadow hunter who rescues her and with whom she falls in love with. There is a childhood friend of her Simon who is ready to do anything for her because he loves her. But why demons would be interested in ordinary teenage girl? Why was she given this sight to see demons and shadow hunters? Is she special or just a girl who somehow got unlucky and got this special sight?

The movie adaptation of this novel is released recently and as usual book was better than movie. While reading the book entire time I wanted Jace and Clary to be together and while watching movie I was like Simon looks better than Jace. I don’t understand Jace is supposed to be hot, not Simon and ¬†Isabelle is supposed to be¬†way¬†hotter than Clary. Casting of the movie is sure screwed up.

CrescendoI¬†seriously¬†don’t know why people write series! When the first book is awesome and you love it why you want a second book to spoil it completely and make you hate it? I totally liked the first book ”Hush Hush” ¬†in ¬†”Hush Hush series” even though¬†the name never made¬†sense to me!

¬†Nora, age 16 is in love with Patch who was a fallen angel, but saved her life and is now her guardian angel. She is in love with him, likes to be with him, kiss him but Patch can’t feel anything physically.¬†she tries to save him from the vengeance of the archangels because apparently it is illegal among angels for him to love a human so she breaks up with him and then suffers dreadfully. But Patch doesn’t seem like he is suffering¬†because¬†he is now going out with Nora’s enemy¬†Marcie. Nora tries to go out with Scott, who is a bad boy and secretive, with whom her mom tries to link Nora. But she suffers even more seeing Patch and Marcie wherever she goes with Scott. But Scott is not human being! It’s like Nora can’t get a¬†descent¬†human being to date! Now that her love is gone, life is miserable there is more mystery to know about her birth and weird dreams she keeps getting about it. Everything comes to an end when she comes to know who is trying to kill her.

Reading this book was a mistake. But can’t help it when¬†you¬†start reading series. Hope to read the 3rd book but not soon. My rating: 2 out of 5.