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Amy and Roger's Epic DetourI don’t know why but I always find debut novels interesting, may be because I don’t know what to expect if I am reading a debut novel. If I am selecting some book form  one of my  favorite authors then I am definitely expecting something, if its totally new author then there is no such expectations. I was attracted by the book cover and the title.

This book was funny, sweet, sentimental and very touching. When I started reading it I never thought I would like it this much! A book about a road trip, think about it, how exiting! I always wanted to take road trips but some how I could’t 😦 This book is exactly what you expect from a long unplanned road trip.

Its about Amy, living in a house alone in California. Her mother has already moved to Connecticut, her twin brother is in rehab and her father recently died in a car crash. Her mother decides to shift completely by selling their house. After Amy’s exams when she wants to shift to Connecticut  that’s when Roger enters the scene. Amy doesn’t want to drive across America or anywhere else and Roger, a family friend’s son who has to go visit his father in Philadelphia, has been designated to drive for the trip. The route is set, Amy’s mom has planned it and booked the hotels.  Amy doesn’t like to go with a stranger in a car that too on four days trip. But after seeing him she realizes that how cute and attractive he is.They  both plan to take a detour for different reasons. They never check in in any hotels or go through already planned places. They set out completely for a detour. What happens then is extremely unexpected, twisting road trip.

An extremely interesting road trip story. I liked almost every characters in this book, especially Amy and Roger.  I wish I could take such adventurous road trips. I would give this book all 4 and 1/2 stars 🙂  A fast moving, young adult story I think if you like road trips then you should try reading this book.I would definitely  want to go to some road trip  sometime.