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Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice may be one of the most famous couple from literature, may be next to Romeo Juliet for the people who have read Pride and Prejudice. Who don’t like Mr. Darcy?  Pride and Prejudice ended with the happy note, by  Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy realizing that they love each other and discussing about marriage.

Mr. Darcy Vampyre by  Amanda Grange starts from exactly where the Pride and Prejudice ended, their wedding is about to happen. Elizabeth thinks that she is the happiest woman on the world, until she sees the real Darcy. Darcy has a dark secret who knew?  When her husband takes her to Italy instead of planned tour to Lake District  she feels something is wrong. From there their unexpected tour to Rome, Paris, Switzerland starts she almost felt his changing mood. One thing she is trying to know is why he didn’t touch her till now? Didn’t he love her? If yes then what is keeping him away from her? Why everyone seems to keep a secret from her?

I liked the way it started, It was like real sequel to the epic book Pride and Prejudice. But later it started loosing its reality little by little. I enjoyed reading things about their tour and the old Count’s castle but I felt there should have been little more importance to the fact that Darcy was a Vampyre. There is nothing called horror here, it’s just a novel with a dark secret. I was expecting a lot but got very less from this book. I should say here about the ending with out giving away any story, that the ending was childish. I never expected such ending for a book which had the characters from Pride and Prejudice. Anyways if you want to read for entertainment and time pass this book is suitable. Romance and Irony (sarcasm) is missing from this book when you compare this to the original pride and prejudice. My ratings are 2 out of 5. Someday I am thinking of  reading Pride and Prejudice and zombies, I am scared to read because I don’t want to spoil what I already think about Pride and Prejudice now, by adding all monsters in it.