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Out for Blood ”Out for Blood” is the 3rd installment in Drake Chronicles, a unique vampire series.I am not thrilled with this series, I liked the first book but then I kind of lost interest. It follows the same pattern in every book, Drake brothers and their forbidden love. I wish there was better character development for the main characters. Drake brothers are bad ass- handsome vampires but they fall for different kind. First one fell for a human, second for a hound princess and the third brother for vampire hunter. The whole bombardment of different and unique words to this story is making it annoying at times.

Hunter Wild comes from an ancient vampire hunter family. She is studying at the secret Helios-Ra Academy, where she is going through last year of training. Quinn is one of the Drake Bothers who is handsome but player. Hunter can’t fall for him going against entire league of vampire hunters and more than anything against her grand father who believes that vampires exists to be killed. There is an evil plan going on against the vampire hunters at school. What is the danger lurking in the school building? Will she keep her heart in control and away from Quinn?

My rating: 2 out of 5. It is nothing to do with the book, I was kind of bored with the plot and underdeveloped characters. But I am definitely going to read the remaining books as¬† have challenged myself to read the entire series! sounds crazy but true ūüôā

Blood Feud ”Blood Feud” is the second book in ”Drake Chronicles series”. This is little boring compared to the first book ”My love is bleeding”. I liked almost all characters in the second book but the book was quite disappointing for me. It is about Drake prince, one of drake brothers, Logan and his girl friend Hound Princess¬†¬†Isabeau. I was expecting lot of falling love and adventures but this book failed to deliver it. As I was also expecting Nicholas and Lucy to be a big part of this book but they were limited to few sentences.

Now that Helena is next vampire queen after defeating Lady Natasha in the last book, royal coronation is about to happen and every one is thinking about peace agreement among different vampire clans. But Leander Montmarte is still trying to get his hands on Solange to marry and get the power of the throne for himself. But his estimated plan is disturbed when Hound princess  Isabeau enters the scene of coronation. Logan falls in love with her, but she is not that easy to give in becuase she has a revenge to be full filled. As she is very near to get back on the vampire who created and left her to rot in coffin for more than 200 years before she got  rescued by hounds. Will she be able to full fill her revenge or will she forget revenge and fall in love with Logan? What will happen to Solange as this time Montmarte is not going back with out marrying her?

It is good read if you are a die hard vampire fan and ready to read a book just by seeing ”vampire” word in it! But believe me if you didn’t read the first book yet, please read it before you go for second becuase there is no use reading the second one with out reading the first one as there is lot of connection between two. This book is boring but not to forget this author’s humor is really good. My rating: 2 out of 5.

 My love lies bleedingHere comes another series! Vampire YA series- ”Drake Chronicles”. I really didn’t think I will like it.¬†Because¬†there are¬†¬†hundreds of vampire YA books, all some how similar and boring. But this one stands apart from all. This book has its own¬†identity. There is a new imaginary world of vampires where there are different types of them. Wicked¬†humor, funny¬†romance¬†makes it more interesting to read.

There has never been a female vampire born from many years. But there is¬†Solange, who is born as vampire and she is direct¬†threat¬†to vampire queen,according to some prophecy. When she is about to turn 16 everyone wants to get her. Some to marry her and some to kill her.¬†Solange’s family lives with humans¬†surrounded¬†and her best friend¬†Lucy¬†and her family knows them from years.¬†Nicholas,¬†Solange brother is¬†attracted¬†to Lucy and the feeling is mutual. Now that¬†Solange is¬†kidnapped and everyone’s life is in danger,¬†Solange¬†¬†meets this vampire hunter who is set to kill the vampires who killed his father.¬†Solange likes this vampire hunter but will he like her is he knew that she is about to change into a vampire very soon?

Its a good read if you are vampire YA fan. There is lot of creativity in writing. My ratings: 3 out of 5.