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AllegiantI have been stuck with series, recently I am trying to finish reading the series from my ”to read list”. I am tiered of seeing them lie there for months and months. It’s not that I am eager to read, but keeping it for another time is headache. I just want to get over with it. It is like, I would like the first book and then struggle to read the sequels. Same thing happened with veronica Roth’s ”Divergent” series too. I liked the first book but then the sequels were boring. ”Allegiant” is the 3rd book in the series. (Thank god the series ends here) There are lot of prequels which I am not reading.

Faction based society is shattered with violence and betrayal. So Tris and Tobias escapes to the world which is unknown and past the limit. But reality there is even more worse than society. Tris has to struggle hard to protect her love and war is everywhere. It seems that Tris can’t escape her fate. This story is told from a  dual perspective, you can read the story from Tris and Tobias’s view.

What a bummer! first thing came to my mind was regret for choosing this series to read. I loved the first book but then the author couldn’t keep the same magic going on in sequels. So much of the book did not make sense at all, especially the genetics part which kept coming in second half of the book. I am a Biology student and I don’t see any meaning in how the genetics was used in the story(not that it matters). My rating: 2 out of 5. I wanted to give less than that but in the honor of Divergent I settled with current rating.