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Shadow of Night ”Shadow of Night” is second book in ”All Souls Trilogy” where a witch falls in love with the vampire, despite of  the ancient rule about no love between two different creatures. I read the first book ” A discovery of witches” last year and since then wanted to read the second installment in the series.

This book is hard to review because it is full of emotions and twists ( not to forget 584 pages! ) Diana Bishop a witch from noble and powerful family and Matthew Clairmont a long lived vampire who is also from a powerful family have broken the ancient law by loving each other. When accidently Diana came across a alchemy manuscript  demons, witches, vampires started coming after her and she became bound to Matthew when he tried to save her. By using Diana’s powers they both travell back in time to  London, 1590, where she meets demons, wicthes and vampires. But soon they realise that past is not safe either. But  Diana has to find a teacher who can teach her to  control her powers and save the world balance. Will she be able to find her powers? Will Matthew change as his dark side lies in past? What is the outcome of this whole journey? Now that Diana and Matthew are married is it safe for them to reveal their relationship to everyone?

It is a good read, full of twists and surprises. Here history is neatly embedded in to the story which will keep you entertained. My rating: 3 out of 5.