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Getting Over Garrett Delaney”Getting Over Garrett Delaney” it sounds more like a movie title. I picked this chick flick recently and enjoyed reading it. Some books just have every perfect element and this book is one of them. A romantic comedy plot suitable for teenagers as well. Sadie has been in love with her best-friend Garrett for two years, which is totally one sided love. He’s just broken up with his latest girlfriend, so this is finally Sadie’s chance to turn their friendship into more. But fate deceives her and she she is not accepted for a 6 weeks camp to which she decided to go with Garrett. Garrett goes alone and after going there he right away falls for another girl and it beaks Sadie’s heart again. She has to find her identity as her entire life was built around  Garrett now she needs to break it and come outside. Sadie ends up getting a job at her favorite local coffeehouse and starts becoming friends with her co-workers who make rules to stay away from Garrett the heart breaker. Will Sadie succeed to keep him away once he is back in town? What will she do to get her identity back?

It is good read with lot of humor in it. My rating: 3 out of 5. I recommend this to chick flick and YA fans.