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Things to do

There are lot of things I want to do in my life. But few things are more important to me and wish to finish soon. Turning 30 is very far for me, I am just 25!  I have plenty of time before I turn into 30. But I want to set a goal now so that I get a idea of what to do. It might sound really crazy but then again you have got only one life to live and I believe in living the life to fullest.

1)      Get a tattoo done ( if possible 2)

2)      Learn Spanish

3)      Write a novel ( expecting it to be a best seller or at least popular)

4)      Visit  Disney land ( Yes! this was my dream from Childhood, seems silly but still!)

5)      Get a portfolio done ( a nice photo album by a professional photographer)

6)      Learn Belly dance

7)      Visit at least 4 different countries

8)      Jump with a parachute

9)      Spend a week with  family somewhere far in some Island

10)     Read at least 1000 books by then


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