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I wanted to get scared, after ‘the exorcist’ and ‘Dracula’ I didn’t come across any book that scared the hell out of me. I want horror books to haunt me, I love watching horror movies and reading about real life incidents. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the bravest person, actually no where near brave ūüôā I am just fascinated by the idea of all these. I can get scared in plain day light ūüėČ ūüôā

So  I picked this book which was in horror category. It says real life story so I had to read this. I did a quick research about  Ronnie DeFeo, 23, was convicted of shooting his parents, brothers, and sisters. George and Kathleen Lutz thought it was ideal place to move into with their 3 kids after buying this place complete with finished basement, swimming pool, and boathouse. Twenty-eight days later, they fled in terror, leaving most of their belongings behind.


It was a good read, but bit slow. By coincidence ¬†I started waking up in between 3 AM to 4 AM after reading this book. I really got scared to even go to washroom, cause in the book, at the same time scary stuff happened to the people who were at that house. I used to wake my husband and ask him to stay awake until I return from wash room ūüôā

I read in internet somewhere that George Lutz was into black magic. I think that is why he chose that place believing that¬†Ronnie DeFeo killed his family under the influence of devil and he might be able to practice his black magic in that house. But something went terribly wrong and his magic backfired on him. I read that one of his kids accused him of practicing Satanism and magic even before they moved to into the quiet suburban neighborhood on the south shore of Long Island, New York. He recalled the family‚Äôs bookshelves lined with books on the occult and demonism.¬†Anyways we don’t know what really happened. But this story is interesting if you are a horror lover. My ratings: 3 out of 5. A one time read which I can’t forget easily.

Back to blogging heaven..

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I am back, yes! I took a long break.. Almost more than 2 years. But I never took a break from reading. Taking a break from reading is like taking a break from breathing, oh wait ūüôā just kidding. I have taken few short breaks but I cant stay longer without holding a book in my hands and letting myself absorbed into beautiful world of words.


I am a mom now, that was the reason I couldn’t write any reviews. I was busy raising my baby, once you have a baby it is 24/7 work and no break. Even though I had free time all I ¬†wanted to do was sleep, read and browse for baby related stuff. I wanted to spend more time with her, so I took care of her needs and cooked home made food for her. She is actually very light sleeper so I hardly had time to do house chores. But I managed somehow with the help of my husband, who is very supportive. He considered its his duty to be there as a parent rather than thinking he is helping me, as most men see it. Our baby girl is 2 now and I thought let me start with few things I took break from.

There are around 50 books to be reviewed. I am sure I am going to enjoy this, hope to catch up soon.

Edited: My baby girl is a little book lover already, she has a shelf full of books and enjoys holding and turning the pages now and then. Sometimes she pretends to read a story by saying few things about the pictures she sees in them. I cant wait to discuss about books with her. Sigh! she is only 2, its a long way to go ūüôā

Keep reading books, see you around


Immortals of Meluha I wanted to read ”The Immortals of Meluha”from a long time as I heard lot about this book everywhere. This Shiva Trilogy is a massive hit. Lord Shiva is the god who is the creator and destroyer of the world. I always loved Indian Mythology, god and goddess stories because that was like my fairy tale In my childhood. As I am from a Brahmin family I grew up learning about Veda’s and Shlokas. So when I heard that there is¬† book about Lord Shiva naturally I was curious to read it.

This story starts with the situation long after Lord Rama’s death. When Lord Rama was there there was a system in society, where equality and hard work was there among people. But after his death people changed. Surya vamshi’s and Chandra Vamshis started fighting each other. But according to prophecy, Lord Mahadev will return in the form of Refugee and after drinking somras ( god’s drink) his trout will turn blue and he will save humanity. Shiva is a refugee from Himalaya’s. He is a warrior with a past that haunts him .Leader of the Guna clan who has been suddenly thrust into limelight in this strange land where people think he can solve all their problems. Just as he is trying to get a grip of it , he falls head over heels in love with a woman who appears to be out of his reach.Surya vamshi’s claim that Chandra vamshi’s ¬†are bad people with Naga’s support they are trying to destroy them. Whose side will Shiv take? Is he really Lord Mahadev’s form? What is it all about?

In this book you can see same names from Mythology ¬†are given to the characters ,use of Lord Shiva’s story to make up the plot line 10 times more interesting. There are lot of reviews stating negative about this book and about usage of Lord Shiva’s name. But if you read this book you can clearly see how he is a normal person with lot of issues and not god! No one is perfect and no one becomes lord just by doing nothing.

I recommend this book to people who are interested in Indian mythology. But then I think you might find it little difficult to read if you are not aware of the real story about real Lord Shiva. But then this book has meanings for lots of words you might come across for the first time. So it won’t be that difficult if you seriously want to read this book. My rating: 4 out of 5. Two other books from trilogy: The Secret of Naga’s and The oath of Vayuputhra’s .

Marked 01Marked is the first book in ”House of night” series written by P.C Cast and Kristen Cast (Mother & daughter). This is entirely different than all vampire novels,because of House of Night vampire school. The concept of school makes this book interesting.

Zoey Redbird is marked by vampire goddess Nyx. She has to join House of Night vampire school now, where she has to live and study while her body will undergo certain changes. If her body rejects the changes in turning into a vampire then she will die. But somehow Zoey is different, her mark is different than others. She has some powers like blood lust and control over 5 elements which is quite abnormal for 3rd former to have. And there is Aphrodite who is evil and selfish going to be leader who hates Zoey for her specialties. Like all stories there is a handsome vampire guy who likes Zoey, and not to forget her best friends who will help her through out all difficult situations.

Story is interesting, but can not count it as  horror novel. Its suitable for young adults, its another vampire novel for vampire lovers. My rating is 3 out of 5.

howlsmovingcastleI love stories where magic is involved, like ”Harry Potter series” and ¬†”Chronicles of Narnia”. For some reason I have been reading a lot of good books lately, & I am happy that I found this book to read.

Howl’s Moving Castle is one of those books, that¬†I wish I would have written it! Sophie Hatter lives with her step mother, step sister and a sister, being eldest sister she thinks that her fortune is not going to be good. She’s a young woman living in a world where fairy tales and magic are a part of everyday life.¬†People are scared of Howl the wizard and witch of Waste.¬†Because¬†Howl eats young girl’s hearts and witch of Waste is dangerous. Due to some unexpected twists Sophie gets under¬†Withe’s¬†spell and she is not young anymore, she is old. Worst part of the spell is that she can’t tell to anyone that she is enchanted. Now¬†Sophie,old and tiered wants to find a place to stay away from everyone, but she ends up¬†getting¬†into Howl’s moving castle. It is wonderful tale of Magic and love.I don’t know how to write more that that.

After reading the book, I watched animated movie by the same name: Howl’s moving castle. Movie was good, but I liked the book more. ¬†You will¬†travel¬†to magic¬†world¬†while reading about ¬†floating castle, talking fires, bouncing scarecrows, and amazing spells.By the way Howl is my¬†favorite¬†character apart from Sophie, oh my god! I like Michael¬†too ūüôā¬† My ratings are 4 out of 5.

Before I go to sleepOnly one word can explain this book ”Awesome”! My fellow blogger recommended this book saying that ” It is one of those books you literally cannot put down until you know the ending”. I totally agree with her after reading the book. And she told me not to read any reviews of this book before, thinking that some reviews may spoil the suspense for me. I should be very careful while reviewing this book¬†because¬†I¬†don’t¬†want to ruin the fun of others who didn’t read it.

I should say that it is really amazing¬†debut novel! Christine wakes up every morning thinking she is still in her early 20s until she looks in the mirror and¬†realizes¬†she‚Äôs 47 years old. She has to remember her husband and friends by looking at photos plastered in bathroom. The man who sleeps next to her and lives with her says that he is her husband. She has no memory of getting married or loving him, but she has to believe¬†what¬†this man says¬†because¬†she don’t have option. But with the help of doctor she secretly starts to write a journal and finds a way to remember where she kept the journal. There are things which comes back to her memory. She is the only one she can trust. Lovely¬†combination of psychology and mystery. I recommend this book to people who love to read mystery and¬†psychology¬†related novels. My ratings are- 4 out of 5.

If I StayI found it difficult to rate this book, well this book made me cry and sad, but hard to rate it. I don’t know if I just liked it or found it very good. It’s kind of hard to review a book when you don’t know what you exactly feel about it.

Mia is happy with her family, she has a boyfriend loving parents and lovely brother. She has an amazing talent of Cello and her boyfriend is one of the members of famous rock band. But her life goes upside down after an accident. Her mom and dad are gone, brother is half concision and is at the edge of death. But Mia watches people but nobody can see her or feel her. She sees her own body lying in ICU in coma. Now everything is changed, happiness is taken from her. She has to decide what she wants, whether she wants to live or go along with her parents.

This book¬†reminds¬†me of book ”Stalking Shadows” by SA Hunter. I wanted to give this book 4 out of 5 but some how I could’t, ¬†here characters were so flat and readers won’t get emotionally attached with the characters¬†because¬†they were not introduced properly. But still it is a good book to read, my ratings are 3 out of 5.