The Death Cure”The Death Cure” is the 3rd and final book in Maze Runner Trilogy. After reading  the 2nd book ”The Scorch Trials” I lost hope for this series. After reading the final book I completely lost it, I was like- it better be a joke, this is not the ending. No questions were answered and story completely lost its track and I was angry. Was it just me or did it feel like the author had absolutely no idea where to go with this story? I feel like 90% of the book is left unexplained.

Thomas and the others are back from their Scorch Trials and now WICKED says that they have enough data to make the cure. Now they have to restore the memories of Gladers to help them with their ultimate mission. But Thomas still does not believe in them because he has remembered something he knows that not a single word WICKED say is true. Will anyone survive this? What is really going on around the world?

The end was very abrupt and unsatisfying. My rating: 3 out of 5. I am not that happy with this book but still I recommend this book to people who loved the first book and read the second book and just want to get over with this series.


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