Eleanor & Park I have been seeing a lot of reviews about this book almost everywhere. Everyone was talking about it so I thought why not read and see. It was a joy to read, the story and romance were lovely and I couldn’t help but utterly fall in love with the characters of Eleanor and Park. Sweet romance between two misfit people and the trouble in their life is really interesting. But I am furious and not satisfied with the ending, I mean it’s good and all but it is not perfect ending in my opinion. 

Love blooms between two misfit  people, Eleanor being a misfit and always standing out because of her weight, bright red curly hair, awkwardness, and funky outfits. Park being a misfit because of the fact that he is the only Asian kid in the entire school. These characters are very close to real life people and you might find the stereotype characters of this book in real life too.

Eleanor character is not easy to like as she lacks confidence and sometimes seems lame but Park’s character is more likable. There was nothing to cry at the end as many people have mentioned in their reviews. Ending was little unpredictable if you consider Eleanor’s character you might be thinking about different ending. I am not disappointed here because I enjoyed this author’s writing style. My rating: 3 out of 5. Its quite unique and special, and it is one of those books you really have to discover for yourself because whatever I say may not make sense with out really reading it yourself. Other than unresolved ending everything was good.

  1. Geoff W says:

    I didn’t read the last part of your review after the first paragraph! Wasn’t sure if there were spoilers or not and didn’t want to chance it! I’m glad you liked it and can’t wait to find out how it ends.

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