The Scorch TrialsThe Scorch Trials by James Dashner is the second installment in Maze runner series. I loved the first book ”The Maze Runner” an amazing story about teenagers trapped in a maze. Compared to the first book, The Scorch Trials is slow moving and dull story.

Thomas and the team from Maze were rescued dramatically in the first book and the story picks up exactly from where the first book ended. They all sleep safe and sound but wake up to missing Theresa and a new game. This time they are not trapped in a maze but they are free in a desert, with a goal to reach. But they can reach their goal only if they are not burned alive in the desert. Whose side is Theresa? Where did she disappear? Who is the new kid in the group?

This book is structured very differently than the first book, thats the reason some people ( including me ) prefer the first book. Maze runner was in neat and tidy format, on the other hand this book has lot of uncertainty. I totally didn’t get the concept of torturing some poor kids in the name of experiments for saving the human race when none of these makes any sense. I felt as if this WICKED team is some kind of game making team where they gamble over children. My rating: 3 out of 5. I wanted to give 2 because nothing in this book made sense to me but I gave one extra and made it 3 for the extraordinary imagination in this book.

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