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Legend I like action filled dystopian fiction. Legend by Marie Lu is the first book in Legend series. After reading hunger Games I have this thing going on for  dystopian novels. I like the energy and adventure, it takes you to another dimension.

Here in this book 15-year-old June is an exceptionally gifted and she is getting trained to become a military star. But when her brother is murdered brutally she takes upon the mission of finding her brother’s killer and discovers that all evidences points towards Day a criminal who is already in most wanted list. Entire book is narrated by June and Day by their point of view.  June goes under cover  in search of Day and being with him shows his real nature to her. Who is her brother’s murderer? Why is Day a criminal?

Its a romantic adventure, a good read if you are a YA dystopian fan. My rating: 3 out of 5. I liked it enough to enjoy reading.

Battle RoyaleFrom a long time I wanted to read this book and never got a chance to read. ”Battle Royale” is a Japanese novel written by Koushun Takami, later translated to English by Yuji Oniki. I picked it up because somewhere I read a review of Hunger games complaining that the story line is adapted from Battle Royale.

Battle Royale starts with a bus filled with 42 students, going for a school trip. Bus is hijacked and students wake up in unknown place filled with gun holding heartless people. Soon they realize that they are picked by Government to compete in a deadly survival competition on a deserted island. But the competition is not easy, they are forced to kill their classmates and friends and only one person can be announced as the winner and he/she can go out of the Island alive.

Whenever I think of this book I wonder how author came up with so many ways of killing people in his story. It takes more than guts to write a book like that. Other than the concept of the competition this book is nothing like Hunger Games.

Difference between Hunger Games and Battle Royale:

  • HG was more into teenage drama and YA fiction where BR is into political drama and violence.
  • In HG you will know the background story of only Katniss and Peta from district 12  but BR somehow manages to tell the story of almost all students. Its like you know their story when they are dying.
  • In HG people do not know each other its easy for them to kill other than that one person from their District and in BR 40 students knew each other well, they were in same school, some had crushes and serious relationships so it is kinda more difficult to kill.

Its very difficult to remember all those Japanese names, but as 85%  of the students die as soon as possible without much significance to the story you don’t have to worry about remembering all their names. So totally Battle Royale is a good read if you are ready to read some adrenal pumping, gut shaking violence and bloodshed. My rating: 3 out of 5. I wanted to give 4 after reading the excellent climax but how the story ended left me hanging in the middle so I had to change my mind and give it 3.

Matagathi ”Matagathi” by Ravi Belagere is an excellent book I re- read last year. It is in Kannada language, a regional language of  Karnataka(one of the states of India). Many years back I read  it for the first time from my school library  and liked the storyline. This book is about Black Magic and fight between good and evil. You might have heard about Black magic and witchcrafts around European countries but in India it has different dimensions.  It is more horrifying and hell lot of difficult for one to achieve this power. There are cults and tribes continuing this type of culture for real, away from modern generation. I have no idea how true it is but I have read and heard a lot of things about them. This book was not listed in Goodreads, so I had to add this book there before rating. This book must be a work of fiction but the procedures,things and facts involved about black magic are for real.

Matagathi means the lady who does black magic, more or less like a witch. This is the story of a ruthless lady named Tejamma, whose hunger for more power killed a lot of innocent people and started wars between powerful people. She used everyone who helped her to climb the steps to achieve magic and killed them heartlessly. Her husband and his entire family was killed for her to gain great power. But there is only one person who can beat her down that is Agninath from a special tribe called ”Aghoras”. Its a horrifying tale of dark magic and the procedures involved to get the power is shocking. It can shake anyone who reads about black magic and steps involved to get it right.

My rating: 4 out of 5. It has a sequel named ” Sarpa Sambandha” where a lot of dark magic and snakes are involved. Not a very pleasant topic but interesting. I have already read that book, I will be reviewing it soon.


dark lover This is another vampire fiction I recently picked up for reading, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the story line. It is first book in Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Its not a unpredictable and interesting plot but there is something attractive in the story.

There is a vampire brotherhood protecting all vampires from hunters known as slayers. Brotherhood is made up of six vampire warriors and Wrath is the leader of this group, the only purebred vampire left on earth waiting to take revenge on slayers for killing his parents. But his revenge has to wait as one of his brothers from brotherhood is leaving his half-breed daughter who is unaware of this vampire world under Wrath’s responsibility. He should guide her to the undead world if she survives the changing.

There is lot of romance and love in this book, and also some action at the end. It is a good time pass read, worth giving a chance if you are a vampire fiction fan. My rating 3 out of 5.

13 little blue envelopesGood young adult novels are always refreshing. I am a young adult fiction fan, as most of the books I read are from this category. ”13 little blue envelopes” is a travel related different young adult story. It is the first book in the Little Blue Envelopes series. I liked the premise and enjoyed reading. Other than the dramatic ending the book was good.

Dead Aunt sends niece on this unpredictable and slightly loony journey. When Virginia Blackstone (Ginny) receives the first blue envelope from her Aunt Peg in the mail, it sends her on an exciting and unknown adventure collecting remaining 12 blue envelopes and finding the clue and places. It is like she is playing the treasure hunt game with her aunt again  just like how it was in her childhood, except that her aunt is dead now. 17  year old Ginny sets on this adventure without thinking twice and reaches her first destination London, from there on its one big ride. What is the intension of this journey? Where will this unknown adventure take her?

Its a quick read, I finished reading  this book in a day. I don’t know whether or not the places mentioned in this book are Geometrically correct because I have no clue about that. But it was one heck of a journey. Romance is very weak in this book. Love interest between Ginny and boy from London was boring. End was little dramatic and unexpected, it could have been something different and exciting. My rating: 3 out of 5. If you are looking for a adventure filled young adult travel fiction for a change, then this is good choice.

Uptown GirlThis is my second book of Olivia Goldsmith. I bought this book in a second hand book sale, where I got it for 5 AED. Hard to resist such an attractive price.I really enjoyed reading this book, it has a freshness into it even though it was published in 2004.

28-year-old Kate Jameson worked hard to getaway from small town to  Manhattan. She struggled to maintain her social life by keeping sophisticated new friends away from her old neighborhood of Brooklyn. But at one point they all meet up and Kate’s life is upside down. She is happy with her job and boy friend but with the  engagement of her best friend Bina, it seems that Kate will be the only single girl left in the “posse.” But Bina’s engagement never happens as her boyfriend wants to explore the life. Now Manhattan friends and old posse combines and they all find a solution for Bina’s problem. Their solution is Billy nick named as dumping Billy, a handsome and breath taking man who dates and dumps girls but every single one of them gets married to the next guy she dates. In this Mumbo jumbo Kate is single once again. But in this circus of getting Billy to date and dump Bina, Kate falls for Billy. Now that Kate is single and she is dating dumping Billy will she  get her old boy friend back?

A funny and interesting read, I recommend this if you are a chick – women lit fan. My rating: 3 out of 5. I felt it was little slow moving as you wait for exciting tings to happen right away and it never happens. Author could have focused more on Billy’s part of story as well.

InsurgentI have left with few reviews to complete about the books I have read in 2013. Divergent is second installment in the Divergent series. I liked the first book- Divergent better than the second one.

Beatrice is called Tris now, after joining the Dauntless. First book ends with Tris and Tobias running away in a train to save what is left. Her family has been killed and now she has nowhere to go. But soon she discovers something which may raise the curtain from truth. Second book was little slow going and characters were little unsure. But this is a good book to read if you are a Hunger Games fan and you love reading books with strong female kick ass characters. There is nothing much to review about this book. If I give summery here I will be bringing the spoilers into my review.

My rating: 3 out of 5. This year I am planing to read the 3rd installment- Allegiant.

HappyNewYearBookWinesSparkleNew Year brings a lot of new hopes and for bookies it also brings lot of  new books. I completed 2013 reading challenge in goodreads by reading 101 books towards my goal of 100 books. So now all set to take 2014 challenge.

Happy New Year All, may all your dreams come true.