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The Oath of the VayuputrasI confess myself disappointed, I was expecting a lot from final book in the Shiva Trilogy ”The Oath of Vayuputras and  I got nothing at the end. Entire book was total mess and it lost focus from the beginning. First two books had some purpose and hopes this one was just a time waste.

In this book Evil is finally revealed, Shiva is gathering his forces for his final battle against the bad. Many will die in this battle but he must not loose his focus, his main enemy here is Evil. This time he is willing to go to Vayuputras who never offered any support to him so far. Will he succeed in his battle? Will this Vayuputras help him to get what he wants?

I don’t know how to review a book like this without getting out few spoilers. So I won’t try that! Third book was very slow moving and boring, it felt like an eternity to finish the book. End was very annoying and disturbing. You have this nice imagination about Shiva and author spoiled it by picturing him as someone who is not ready to forgive. All he wanted was to use the Astra and destroy the innocent people. My rating: 2 out of 5.

My reaction after reading book:

Meh Cat

RecklessRemember the Star Cross lovers from Thoughtless series? Kiera and Kellan, they have gone through a lot of suffering to take their relation to another level. Kiera cheated on Deny and started the relationship with Kellan, even though it was an attraction in the beginning it turned out to be real love.

3rd book starts with Kellan and Kiera secretly exchanging the ring and considering it as marriage. Now that Kiera is graduated and wants to write a book she accompanies Kellan in his tours. But Kellan is girl repellent, with his body and face everywhere girls are attracted to him. Even super celebrity wants to record a song with him, as this popular female celebrity gets near to him she tries to throw Kiera out of Kellen’s  reach. Now Kellan is Celebrity too, with lots of money and fame. Will their love survive in this battle of fame?

It’s an interesting read. I liked this Thoughtless series from the beginning. It has a dreamy feel to it with author’s addictive writing style. I liked all the characters in this book. My rating: 3 out of 5. I recommend this series to ”Romance” lovers.

The Diary of a Young Girl”The Diary of a Young Girl”  is the real Diary of Anne Frank, a thirteen-year-old Jewish girl. She wrote it locked up in the attic where she spent last years of her life fearing Nazi’s attack. Cut off from the real world, they faced  hunger, boredom and continuous threat. But that was the only way to survive. They lived each and everyday in fear, terrified that someone will find out their secret hideout. But Anne Frank was bold enough to write in a diary it was like her secret pleasure and time pass. If you read the book you can find her growing from a innocent girl to a teenager. But she had a real strong will, if she survived the war she would have grown to be a marvelous person.

It was a good book, I can’t really call it as a book because it is not. It is a diary of teenager who struggled to survive. I don’t get the negative comments about this book. This is someone’s diary for God’s sake, not a book to entertain people. So if people think that this is boring and they could’t finish, how can you expect someone to have an interesting life when locked up in the attic? And for those who think that the book is not written properly, Hell she is 13-14 years old, she didn’t write to get an award. I don’t think anyone should criticize something which was written by a 13 year old under that circumstances.

This is the book you should read if you are a fan of documentary  and fiction.

Percy Jackson and the Sea Monsters”The Sea of Monsters” is the second installment in ”Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series. It certainly does not disappoint, new characters are funny and entertaining and the old onse are as good as the first book.

The magical girl-who-became-a-pine-tree, Thailia, has been poisoned. Now monsters can easily get to the half blood camp. There is only one thing that can cure Thailia’s Tree,the wonderful healing Golden Fleece which is in Sea of Monsters. Now Percy and Annabeth wants to go for a quest and get that thing to heal the tree. Only son of Posiden  can win this but instead they are ready to send Clarssie, child of Ares. But Percy ha to go there because his friend Grover the satyr is in danger. This journey is not only difficult but dangerous. But he has his friend Annabeth and half brother Tyson to accompany him in this adventure.

It is a well written book, my rating 4 out of 5. I recommend this to young adults and children. People who love fairy tales and HP kinda stories don’t miss it. Recently I watched movie adaptation of this novel by the same name. It was interesting to see the characters on screen but not as effective as the book.


One hundred names ”One Hundred Names” is magical, just like all of Ahern’s books. She brings the magic to life and makes us realize the goodness in others and ourselves. I like her books, so far I have read ” P. S I love You”, ”Thanks for the Memories”, ”Love Rosie”, ”The Gift”, The Book of Tomorrow”, ”If you can see me now”, and ”The Place called Here”, all are wonderful and magical.

This story is about a journalist Kitty Logan, whose career is being destroyed by a scandal. She has lost her job in TV Chanel, has lost hopes and about to loose her mentor and guide for cancer. But when she visits her  guide in hospital she finds a ray of hope which ca bring back her normal days. She has to make a untold story which her guide always wanted to write but instead of story she receives a list of 100 names with out any contact details or any other further information.  Now that she has got the assignment officially her life depends on it. Now she has to find a way to contact this people and find out what connects them and make a story out of it.

I loved the way how the characters  were  portrayed, I recommend this book to Ahern’s fans. My rating: 3 out of 5.

Shadow Kiss”Shadow Kiss” is the 3rd book in the Vampire Academy Series and its strongest book so far. It has a strong grip on story. While other two were just character building books, this one actually has something in it.

 Rose Hathaway is this close to graduation, just one assignment away. The assignment is a practical test where guardians are assigned to protect a moroi student  and their skills are tested by creating fake attacks. Rose hasn’t been feeling right lately, she is into emotional outbursts like anger and she can see ghosts. Now she has doubts about her sanity, but there are reasons for things to occur. Things always change, now Lisa is practicing her magic again, Victor  Dashkov  might be set free from prison, and more than anything Rose’s romance with Dimitri is heating up. But when there is an attack from Sterogi on the campus everything is at stakes. She has to choose between Lisa or Dimitri.

Its a good story, as usual ends while you least expect it to. My rating: 3 out of 5.

The winner stands alone Its hard to give harsh review for Paulo Coelho’s book, being his fan I just can’ do it. But I have to because thats my job being a hardcore fan. I had been looking forward to read this book and when I got the opportunity to read, I am just disappointed. If this is about to be your first Paulo Coelho book,  please don’t read it, I assure you he is an author who is capable of much more than this. Simply by reading this book you may spoil your perception of him as an author.Having read his books like – ”Brida”, ”The Alchemist”, ”The fifth mountain”, ”Veronica decides to die”, ”By the river Peidra I sat down and wept” and many more I decided to read ”The Winner Stands Alone”. I was totally into this title and was expecting a good story and a lot to learn about life from this book. But later regretted my decision of reading this book.

When I started to read this book, in the beginning I was amused but slowly amusement started to turn in to frustration. First I was reading about a person who is emotionally suffering and  wants to get his wife back in his life at any cost. But then it was about everything- fashion industry, film distribution, diamond extraction, cloth manufacturing and what not. Repetitive complaining and mindless deeds took my imagination nowhere. I couldn’t imagine this characters  as living and full of feelings as I usually do while reading other books from this author. These were plain and annoying bunch of people who didn’t know what to do with their life. Story is about a rich man named Igor who is in Cannes festival in search of his wife who is remarried and happily living with some other man. Igor wants his wife back by taking lives and showing her how much he likes her. At first I thought it was little mystery crime story or about psycho killer or about celebrity life but it was nothing but boring. I still don’t understand what is the hidden meaning behind this story, I don’t see any moral or inspiration in what Igor did or I don’t see how the title is suitable for the story.

Somehow I was obliged to finish the book because I hate to leave books half read or  maybe I was just hoping against all the odds that through some miracle the story will take a twist and ending will justify the means. But that didn’t happen, I am not saying his every book should contain some moral or inspiration but at least it should have a decent story to read. My rating 2 out of 5. I wanted to give 1 but then I could’t do that to my favorite author’s book.

Dark hollow places ”Dark and Hollow Places” is the 3rd installment in Forest f Hands and Teeth series. The first book in the series was such a great story, then came the second book ”The Dead Tossed Waves” with completely different set of characters which failed to answer the questions from the first book. And then came this 3rd book, even though most of the characters are familiar, the story looses the track. I started skimming through the mid book because things were repeated over and over.  What a lousy sequel for a great story.

This story is about Annah, sister of Gabry from the second book. Elias went in search of Gabry leaving Annah behind, where she faces the loneliness and learns to live with it in the memory of her lover and long lost sister. But one day she meets her sister and come to know that her lover is no longer hers, now he is her sisters love,her own twin sister who just looks like her but more beautiful and scare less. She learns to live with it and she finds her love in Catcher who was heartbroken by her sister and who is immune to this walking dead infection. There are some people who wants to use his immunity to survive the horror.

My rating: 2 out of 5. It was very slow and repetitive. I had high hopes for this series but only first book in the series was good.