Matched Matched is another YA novel I read recently. I have been reading a lot of books from this genera lately and I find few books really interesting and entertaining. Matched is first book in the series and it was quick and interesting read. Matched is one of those books with female protagonist character and controlling government or system.

Cassia lives in a world where everything is organized in the form of data collected about people about their entire lives. There are no disease or fear of early death because everyone dies at the age of 80 happily. There is no love, mates are chosen by the government system after matching the data. Cassia’s life is perfect until she attends Matching ceremony. She is presented with not one but two possible mates. One through data sorting and another due to an error in the system. This error opens her eyes to see the different world. Even though her mate is her childhood best friend and a right mate according to government data, she is attracted to wrong mate presented to her because of an error. Now she has to choose one but the choice is already made for her as no one goes against government. Will she accept what is given to her? or she will look for what she wants?

My rating: 3 out of 5. Its an interesting concept and I recommend this to YA fans.



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