Horns by Joe Hill

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Fiction, Horror
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 Horns I was attracted by the title- ”Horns” it gave me the impression of something evil and horror. No wonder the story is about  supernatural power, Joe Hill’s father is master of supernatural stories- Stephen King.  Now you know why he chose to write a paranormal fiction. I wonder what they will be talking at home, I am sure its about most horrific shit possible to scare the readers. ( That was a rainy day and she was walking alone home from work. On the way to home she felt like being watched, ”Son can you pass the salad please”, by the way what do you think about a werewolf following her? 🙂 )

Ignatius Perrish’s longtime girlfriend was murdered and the whole town thinks he did it but he’s walking free because the evidence was destroyed. Its been few years now and Ig is in bad shape and one morning he wakes up with a hangover and horrible headache and a pair of horns growing over his head. First he thinks he is hallucinating but he can touch and feel the horns. The horns are real! Ig now has a new power and new look, people tend to tell the truth in front of him and forget about his horns! With his new power he can easily find out who raped and killed his girlfriend but only if he knew who did it.

Its a brilliant concept, but in some places i found the concept loosing its focus. I enjoyed reading this book and my rating is: 3 out of 5. I recommend this book to those who likes to read about supernatural powers and hell-heaven concept.

The movie adaptation of this novel by the same name will be released  this year and hero is Daniel Radcliffe. So you can see Harry Potter with horns 🙂

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