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Getting Over Garrett Delaney”Getting Over Garrett Delaney” it sounds more like a movie title. I picked this chick flick recently and enjoyed reading it. Some books just have every perfect element and this book is one of them. A romantic comedy plot suitable for teenagers as well. Sadie has been in love with her best-friend Garrett for two years, which is totally one sided love. He’s just broken up with his latest girlfriend, so this is finally Sadie’s chance to turn their friendship into more. But fate deceives her and she she is not accepted for a 6 weeks camp to which she decided to go with Garrett. Garrett goes alone and after going there he right away falls for another girl and it beaks Sadie’s heart again. She has to find her identity as her entire life was built around  Garrett now she needs to break it and come outside. Sadie ends up getting a job at her favorite local coffeehouse and starts becoming friends with her co-workers who make rules to stay away from Garrett the heart breaker. Will Sadie succeed to keep him away once he is back in town? What will she do to get her identity back?

It is good read with lot of humor in it. My rating: 3 out of 5. I recommend this to chick flick and YA fans.

Haunted love Short stories are not my type, its more like what my mom would love to read. I always voted for  lengthy novels when it came to reading. I recently started reading a book,  ”Red Carpet” – full of short stories but could’t read more than 2 stories. I feel that in  a short story things are always on stake and rushed manner. ”Haunted Love” is also a short story of 38 pages, very quick read. I enjoyed this story quite a bit.

Cody was orphaned at age ten and had to live with his abusive Uncle Dean. He found a way to become stronger and defend himself. Now he bought the Old Love Theater in his hometown of Spirit, Texas. Theater was closed down long back and there were rumors about wandering spirits. Cody himself was mysterious he could see a girl’s spirit. There is a new mayor in town and his sixteen year old daughter, Ginny, has forced Cody wanting to help with the theater and make some money for herself from this job like a normal teenager would do. But from there everything changes from normal to dangerous.

It was a good read, but I felt this concept would have been a great novel material as short story it was rushed a bit. My rating- 3 out of 5. People who love to read paranormal, ghost and scary short stories go for it!

Palace of IllusionsI was always fascinated towards Mahabharata and Ramayana stories, two epics with great religious value. I grew up listening and reading sub stories related to this two great books. I was attracted to  few characters like Krishna, Panchali, Pandavas, Karna and Kauravas.  ”The Palace of illusions” is mainly about Panchali’s view of Mahabharata. Totally narrated by her, where she shows all her hidden emotions and feelings to the  readers.

The book starts from Panchali’s birth in fire along with her brother and goes on with her marrying legendary brothers Pandavas. She stays with them when they were cheated out of their father’s kingdom. Panchali unknowingly drawn to their quest and becomes a reason for civil war which sweeps out thousands of kings and soldiers. Even though she is born with a great reason she is a human after all. She feels love, revenge and anger like normal human being does. Her duels  with mother-in-law, hidden love for Karna who is her husbands enemy, complicated friendship with Krishna adds more to the story. Panchali is a fiery female who is a mere toy in hands of fate. Who’s palace of illusions caused only destruction.

While reading this book I kinda felt bad for Panchali. Her birth was unexpected and she was neglected by her father, then she had to reject her love for Karna against her wish and marry Arjuna. Then when she came to accept her fate and started to like Arjuna she was forced to marry all Pandavas to keep her mother-in-laws words. I could feel Pachali’s love for Karna in my heart and first time I understood the life of Panchali as a helpless but a strong woman who can change everyones life. I felt her frustration, disappointment and struggle trough out the book. If I ever write a story I would like to write about Urmila ( Laxmana’s wife) a character from Ramayana, whose sacrifice is not highlighted like other characters in the story.

544891Beastly is a fairytale retold. I have seen trailers of the movie adaption of this novel by the same name, which is similar to old ”Beauty and the Beast” concept. I was beginning to wonder if I didn’t like fairy tale re-telling, but I enjoyed reading this book.

Our Beast here is Kyle, a very handsome and rich high schooler, who always puts beauty and money over everything. One day he messes up with a goth looking chick and pays for it. This goth looking girl is a witch and she changes him into beast. Lindy is a poor girl from same school who always liked Kyle. She has got financial problems because of drug addict dad. One day her dad gets himself in a mess and Kyles dad helps him out of it, but in returns he wants Lindy to take care of his son who is bit  different than others. This way Lindy reaches Kyles house holed up somewhere away. Kyle is not supposed reveal his identity, only his true loves kiss can save him. I think there is nothing to review much about this book as this story is familiar to everyone.

It is well written book, my rating- 3 out of 5. A quick and good read.

Hare MoonPrequels are new trend nowadays, every series comes up with a prequel at the end. But I wasn’t impressed by Hare Moon. It was a very quick read, only 40 pages. But Carrie Ryan has written this story quite a few times already in her other books and reading it again doesn’t make any sense. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of ”Forest of Hands and Teeth” series, but prequel for this doesn’t feel complete somehow.

This book is about a young girl Tabitha and her struggle to get through the forest in search of other villages. As her village is surrounded by forest full of zombies, kept away by a fence she is not allowed to go anywhere out. When she sneaks out, past the gates and down the path into the Forest of Hands and Teeth she finds a village gate and a boy who taught her love. But love doesn’t exist in world like that where everything is surrounded by death. Tabitha as a sister of cathedral slowly realizes that what she has to sacrifice to live among the unconsecrated.

My rating: 2 out of 5. Everything is written in rushed manner and the feelings are incomplete. People who know Tabitha from the book ”Forest of Hands and Teeth” can try to know more about her by reading this book.

Shadow of Night ”Shadow of Night” is second book in ”All Souls Trilogy” where a witch falls in love with the vampire, despite of  the ancient rule about no love between two different creatures. I read the first book ” A discovery of witches” last year and since then wanted to read the second installment in the series.

This book is hard to review because it is full of emotions and twists ( not to forget 584 pages! ) Diana Bishop a witch from noble and powerful family and Matthew Clairmont a long lived vampire who is also from a powerful family have broken the ancient law by loving each other. When accidently Diana came across a alchemy manuscript  demons, witches, vampires started coming after her and she became bound to Matthew when he tried to save her. By using Diana’s powers they both travell back in time to  London, 1590, where she meets demons, wicthes and vampires. But soon they realise that past is not safe either. But  Diana has to find a teacher who can teach her to  control her powers and save the world balance. Will she be able to find her powers? Will Matthew change as his dark side lies in past? What is the outcome of this whole journey? Now that Diana and Matthew are married is it safe for them to reveal their relationship to everyone?

It is a good read, full of twists and surprises. Here history is neatly embedded in to the story which will keep you entertained. My rating: 3 out of 5.

Matched Matched is another YA novel I read recently. I have been reading a lot of books from this genera lately and I find few books really interesting and entertaining. Matched is first book in the series and it was quick and interesting read. Matched is one of those books with female protagonist character and controlling government or system.

Cassia lives in a world where everything is organized in the form of data collected about people about their entire lives. There are no disease or fear of early death because everyone dies at the age of 80 happily. There is no love, mates are chosen by the government system after matching the data. Cassia’s life is perfect until she attends Matching ceremony. She is presented with not one but two possible mates. One through data sorting and another due to an error in the system. This error opens her eyes to see the different world. Even though her mate is her childhood best friend and a right mate according to government data, she is attracted to wrong mate presented to her because of an error. Now she has to choose one but the choice is already made for her as no one goes against government. Will she accept what is given to her? or she will look for what she wants?

My rating: 3 out of 5. Its an interesting concept and I recommend this to YA fans.



 Horns I was attracted by the title- ”Horns” it gave me the impression of something evil and horror. No wonder the story is about  supernatural power, Joe Hill’s father is master of supernatural stories- Stephen King.  Now you know why he chose to write a paranormal fiction. I wonder what they will be talking at home, I am sure its about most horrific shit possible to scare the readers. ( That was a rainy day and she was walking alone home from work. On the way to home she felt like being watched, ”Son can you pass the salad please”, by the way what do you think about a werewolf following her? 🙂 )

Ignatius Perrish’s longtime girlfriend was murdered and the whole town thinks he did it but he’s walking free because the evidence was destroyed. Its been few years now and Ig is in bad shape and one morning he wakes up with a hangover and horrible headache and a pair of horns growing over his head. First he thinks he is hallucinating but he can touch and feel the horns. The horns are real! Ig now has a new power and new look, people tend to tell the truth in front of him and forget about his horns! With his new power he can easily find out who raped and killed his girlfriend but only if he knew who did it.

Its a brilliant concept, but in some places i found the concept loosing its focus. I enjoyed reading this book and my rating is: 3 out of 5. I recommend this book to those who likes to read about supernatural powers and hell-heaven concept.

The movie adaptation of this novel by the same name will be released  this year and hero is Daniel Radcliffe. So you can see Harry Potter with horns 🙂