Pretties by Scott Westerfeld (Uglies # 2)

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Fiction, Young Adults
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Pretties Pretties is second book in ”Uglies series”. But  I liked the the first one better than the second. As It is teen read, I can see author giving importance to lot of teen issues here, like struggling to look cool, gossips and adventure seeking teens. But what I liked about this book is, in this book they show how the pretty society is living.

Pretties picks up where Uglies left off, Tally is pretty now but her memory about smokes and David is completely erased. Now she is one of those pretties who are good from out side but nothing inside the brain. She is brain damaged there is only peace in her brain now, that’s why pretties never fight. Tally’s boy friend is hot, she is pretty, food is awesome, she is popular what more she can ask for? They are hiring for specials and Tally can be one of them, Specials.  But one day a message arrives from her Ugly past and her memories about smoke comes back slowly. How can she rebel when she is brain damaged? What will she do with her life when Davis’s memory comes back?

It is a good sequel to Uglies, but pretty much same things are repeated again here. My rating: 3 out of 5. There are 2 more books in this series: Specials and Extras.

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