imagesI liked the first book in Vampire Academy Series, my rating was 4 out of 5. So thought of reading the second book in the series: Frostbite. Comparably second book was bit boring and not that exciting.

Bad ass Rose Hathaway is back with more action. As we know that she has hots for  Dimitri and he too has same feelings for her, in previous book they decided to stay away. Because  Dimitri didn’t want their affair to be a problem while himself and Rose were guarding Lisa. In this book you can see how Rose and  Dimitri are struggling to stay in control.  Rose is into lot of boy troubles as usual.  Dimitri is planing to start a family with someone and Mason is completely in love with her and there is a new guy trying to hang around with her. Up of all these her mother, whom she hates the most is in Academy. But this problems are nothing becuase Strigoi are closing in and they have already killed many Royals. Its time to teach them some lesson. But when her 3 friends run away on their own to take the matters in hand Rose has to go to extremes to save them.

It is a good time pass read, not as good as the first one. But still I have hopes of reading the third book in the series. My ratings: 3 out of 5.

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