The Host I was little hesitant to read this book, becuase science fictions about alien and other planets are not my type. But this book was in my reading list from a long time and simply wanted to take a break from my usual reading about romance, vampires, and zombies. This was a real break for me. I took more than four days to finish this book ( considering the fact that I was reading this book at my work place during the breaks I get) and felt it was purposefully dragged  more than necessary. I am not a fan of Twilight series, but I am not a hater too. I read twilight series, liked it and watched the movies as well.

The host is entirely different concept. Its about alien species invading the earth and living inside humans like parasites. Once that happens usually human souls fade away and alien souls dominate the entire body. There is no violence, no hunger, no lies around, but there are no humans either. But a group of humans are still on run trying to save what left of the humans. Melanie Stryder was on run while she got caught but she refuses to fade away. Wanderer, the invading “soul” who now has Melanie’s body is confused as she can not process Melanie’s memories and report it to the seekers. But as Melanie slowly  shows the Wanderer her memories of her lover Jared and her brother Jamie. Wanderer starts to feel for them and they both sets of in search of them. But will humans accept Melanie when wanderer is inside her and she is one of aliens now? Will she succeed to get to her brother and Jared? What will be seeker’s reaction when she comes to know that Melanie and wanderer escaped?

Its a beautiful romantic story, but dominated by science fiction. You can find lot of similarity between Twilight and The Host if you compare it closely. ( High spoilers alert, read it only if you have read the book****)

  • Both, Twilight and The host has got 2 hero’s, Edward and Jacob in Twilight, Jared and Ian in The Host
  • Heroine is as confused as Bella from Twilight becuase she has feelings for both (I don’t blame her when there are 2 handsome men)
  • Even though wanderer is free to love Ian she still feels for Jared, and Melanie kind of has feelings for Ian in a strange way. Just like how Bella still felt for Jacob.

I watched the movie too, it was excellent. It is good read if you are interested in science fiction. My rating: 3 out of 5.


  1. ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) says:

    I felt like this attempt at crossing over from young adult to adult fiction was decent. I didn’t think the writing was any stronger, though, and saw a lot of weaknesses in the plot and characters (much like the Twilight series – but the Twilight books had more sexual and general plot tension, at least). I did not see the movie, but I wondered how does the movie work with basically 2 characters in one body? How did they show that?

    • Deepika says:

      Even I had doubts about the movie, but movie was actually good! Melanie’s character had only voice and Wanderer’s character had voice and action . They managed to show both the characters somehow.

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